Poll: Biden leads by 10 percentage points, trump confirmed or directly affected the election

 Poll: Biden leads by 10 percentage points, trump confirmed or directly affected the election

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The world has been in a state of uncertainty facing sudden news at any time since trump, the worlds top current, has been positive for the new crown the day before yesterday,

All eyes were focused on the commander.

At the beginning, the White House doctors issued a statement saying that in addition to saying that the president and his wife had tested positive for their new crowns, they also noted that the president and the first lady are now doing well, and they plan to stay at home in the White House during the recovery period.

Trump himself is also confident that he will fight against the new crown. We will overcome difficulties together.

Melania also tweeted that both feel good..

But soon, there were reports, and people familiar with the situation revealed that trump showed a slight symptom of the new crown.

When netizens all over the world are boiling to understand Wang Xinguans masculinity, countless news flies from the White House to the media of various countries.

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

And then Trump have a fever, tired, tired, and even breathing difficulties overnight. He really wants to go to the Military Medical Center for treatment.

In addition, according to sources, the situation may be more serious than what White House officials said the president is bound to get better.

And according to people familiar with the matter, achuan was completely shocked after he was positive for the new coronavirus, and he developed fever and other symptoms overnight. The 70 year old man was more and more worried about his diagnosis

And in the new crown positive after the first tweet, also sent an 18 second video thank you for your support, the video looks like nothing sick.

But a source at the White House coronavirus task force told CNN that they were in the dark about the development of the presidents health, and it seemed that the situation was still serious

In any case, achuan is stubborn, and after carefully considering all the treatment options, he boldly chooses to be treated in the hospital with regenerons coronavirus antibody cocktail.

The antibody drug is still in the experimental phase and has not been approved for emergency use by the FDA.

Trump has been injected with 8g dose of Regeneron experimental antibody cocktail, and has taken zinc, vitamin D, aspirin, melatonin, and a gastric drug believed to help fight the new crown, called famotidine.

Then, the White House doctors got new news. Trump began Reeds treatment. Reed Wei Wei was an antiviral drug, but he still had no breathing machine for the time being.

But one thing is certain: he cant get off the line of fire for minor injuries, and he wont delegate his power when his new crown is positive. At this time, he has to deal with the affairs of the president by himself. He has no intention of transferring his power to others and treating his illness with peace of mind.

White House spokesman Judd Deere: absolutely not.

Its you, trump.

The sudden confirmation of Wangs positive results not only shocked the whole world, but also prompted the majority of American political circles to rush to the road of testing the new crown.

In particular, Biden, his rival, debated with each other two days ago, and Biden also suffered from his incessant verbal attacks.

The key here understand Wang tested positive, Biden team still dont know anything, read the news to know.

In addition to Biden, political bigwigs have received the new crown test number plate, vice president burns and his wife, are negative.

The Minister of health and human services also tested negative in the morning.

Pelosi also received a new crown test early in the morning

These politicians who are not always surrounded by trump are good. This trump infection has prompted a series of tests around his family and team. The test result is that the whole white house has been occupied.

Although their family members, such as daughter Ivanka, son-in-law, and their youngest son were tested negative.

But people in the trump election team, the White House reporters, and so on, were not so lucky.

Trump hair and his wife positive twitter the first, is sigh Hicks how much work hard, she actually measured the new crown positive, terrible!

Hope Hicks is on the right

Another trump team, who has just detected positive, is KellyanneConway, who is, in fact, a former White House consultant.

Thats the girl who was pointing at her nose at tiktok, and saying that she was following the trump action.


This time her positive news was first revealed by her daughter.

After trump detected the new crown, my mother was coughing all over the room.

Im so angry. Put on your masks and dont listen to our stupid presidents bullshit. Protect yourself and the people around you.

The former White House advisers attitude has always been its stupid to wear a mask outside, so he doesnt wear a mask.

My Lord, times have changed.

Also positive were senators Mike Lee, Thom Tillis, President John Jenkins of Notre Dame University, Ronna McDaniel, chairman of the Republican National Committee, a white house staff member and three White House reporters.

One of the most recent positive trump core circles is his campaign manager, BillStepien.

Bill stepien on the right

So many people in trump camp have traced back to his previous action track and people who contacted him. The media found a phenomenon that seemed amazing but not impossible.

At the White House Rose Garden on Saturday, there may have been super communication!

Many people including the trump couple have been tested for new crown.

On the contrary, the newly nominated justice Amy coney Barrett was negative, but she was a little special. She had been diagnosed with a new crown this summer and recovered.

To be honest, looking at the gathering situation at that time, nearly 200 people participated, only about 50 wore masks, which was basically the state of being close to people.

And a lot of people are very casual, not wearing masks, talking to each other, hugging, suffocating

Apart from Trumps sudden positive results, a lot of people are also starting to focus on the new leaders influence on the imminent election.

First, no one knows how Trumps condition will develop. He is 74 years old, overweight, and male. The three things have already put him in high-risk group. Now he has been showing slight symptoms, but it will be hard to tell what will happen afterwards.

Some doctors predict that he does have symptoms, indicating that he has been infected for at least two days, or even longer. Then, he may clear the virus and test negative in a short time and return to the election campaign soon.

But it may also require long-term hospitalization, may be comatose for several weeks, rely on a ventilator, and if the condition deteriorates, he may die.

These countless unknown and possible problems have been generated. Can trump still be able to continue campaigning, for example?

Experts recommend 10 days of isolation, such a long period of isolation, but it will certainly affect his election campaign, and many rallies must now be cancelled or delayed.

But he may still be in time for the next presidential debate on October 15th.

What if trump is too sick to continue to perform his duties as president?

Trump is new. Will the general election be postponed?

No, because the majority of members of both houses of Congress will vote for the change date, but it is too unlikely that the Democratic controlled house will support trump.

There are rules to follow in these procedural matters, but there are many other things that are unknown because Trumps new crown is positive.

Trumps condition is unknown. So it is hard to say whether trump can return to the election and whether he can perform his duties in the whole month from now until November 3rd.

October 15 is the next presidential debate. As mentioned above, if everything goes smoothly, he may be able to catch up, but no one is sure.

If Trumps condition worsens, will Biden continue to campaign for it?

If trump can not run for election, will he expect Burns to defend his second term in the last few days of the campaign?

If trump is recovered, will his personal experience change his despising attitude towards the new crown, the necessity of mask and social distance?

Will he adjust his campaign rhetoric?

This time, trump detected a new crown, especially in the last month of the campaign, when such a key time node occurred.

After all, if one node changes slightly, the result may be completely different.

Trumps new crown, and even the White Houses massive positive reaction, is a historic moment. Things are changing rapidly. No one can predict what will happen next.

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