Review of foreign media: history repeats, there is a precedent for us president infected with epidemic disease

 Review of foreign media: history repeats, there is a precedent for us president infected with epidemic disease

The Spanish flu pandemic killed 20-50 million people worldwide in three waves from 1918 to 1919, but Wilson played down the importance of the epidemic in the same way as trump. Although the disease caused pain in the United States and killed more than 600000 people, he never mentioned it in a public speech. Trumps story seems to be a repeat of Wilsons history, and historians are surprisingly consistent in their criticism of the two, saying that their lack of leadership is shocking.

Wilsons most intense negotiation in Versailles. At that time, Wilson devoted himself to the post-war negotiations of the United States. In the first World War, which ended in November 1918, the United States was one of the victors. Historian John Barry recently pointed out that Wilsons reaction to all non military issues at that time was furious, and like trump, he could not tolerate any criticism from friends or enemies..

Like trump, Wilson was infected with the epidemic virus. After the surrender of Germany, the Allies met in Paris in the spring of 1919 to agree on the conditions to be fulfilled and the compensation to be provided by the defeated countries. France, which suffered serious damage and attack in the war, took the most severe position, but the United States tended to give Germany and the defeated countries a more moderate treaty. In early April, the president of the United States was ill. At the most important moment of negotiations to define the post-war world order, President Wilson was trapped in disease. In fact, Wilson was only briefly absent from the negotiation table because he recovered a few days later, but his performance was quite different from that before his illness. Writer Laura spiny thinks Wilson may also have a nervous system disease due to the Spanish flu, which caused him to suddenly become weak at the negotiation table.

Pedestrians walk in Times Square in New York on September 28. Xinhua News Agency

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On Saturday (October 3 local time), Trumps medical team held a press conference at Walter Reed national military medical center where he was staying to report his illness. Sean Conley gave a lot of optimistic news at the press conference, trying to reassure the public. He said the president is doing well now and in a very good state of mind.. He also said, President trump told me, I feel like I can leave the medical center today.

But Conley also said it remained cautiously optimistic, but could not give a timetable for Trumps discharge. It is planned to give trump a 5-day treatment with radcivir.

According to the latest statement of the White House president doctor, Trumps condition is still very good, and the treatment has made substantial progress, according to the network

However, Conleys statement is quite different from what White House chief of staff mark meadows later told reporters. MEDOS told reporters that Trumps condition in the past 24 hours is very worrying, and the next 48 hours will be a critical moment in determining his illness.

The two people are far from each other, leading to more confusion and speculation. Within two days of Trumps diagnosis of new coronavirus infection, his condition was confusing.

Not only that, according to the Washington Post on the 4th, even many relevant personnel in the White House and other government departments can only rely on news reports to collect information about Trumps health.

Do you have a fever? Trumps illness is complicated

According to CCTV news, on the morning of October 3 local time, the White House presidential doctor team held a press conference on Trumps current situation. They said the president is in good condition and has no symptoms of new coronavirus infection such as fever and dyspnea.

On October 3, the White House released a picture of trump working in the conference room of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, according to VOA news

According to Xinhua news agency, White House doctor Sean Conley said at a news conference held at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland, where trump was hospitalized, on the 3rd, trump was in a very good state on the morning of the 3rd, and had a slight cough, nasal congestion and fatigue on the 1st, all of which have been alleviated and improved. He said a week of infection with the new coronavirus, especially 7 to 10 days, is a critical period in determining the course of the disease.

Sean Dooley, another doctor who attended the news conference, said that Trumps heart rate, renal function and liver function were normal on the morning of the 3rd, and he did not need oxygen inhalation and had no difficulty in breathing and walking. The medical team is closely following the possible complications of the new coronavirus or related therapies to trump.

But shortly after the press conference, an anonymous person told the media that Trumps state in the past 24 hours was worrying and the next 48 hours were a critical period for treatment. In an interview with Fox News on Saturday night, White House chief of staff meadows admitted that trump had a fever and oxygen content had rapidly decreased in the morning of the 2nd, which raised more questions about the White Houses repeated refusal to disclose whether trump needed oxygen on the 3rd.

Trump tweeted feeling good

According to the New York Times, Trumps anger at meadows comments prompted him to post a tweet, followed by a four minute video, in an attempt to refute peoples view that he was at risk.. In the second video released after he was hospitalized, trump kept sending the message Im fine to the outside world. He said he did not feel very well when he was admitted to the hospital, but I feel better now and I think I will be back soon. But in the video, trump did not disclose his specific health status, nor did he respond to outside speculation.

CNN news pointed out that since Trumps diagnosis, the above information is only the latest in a series of contradictory and misleading information released by the White House. Washington Post pointed out in its report on the 4th that there is no doubt that the statement made at the news conference will only raise more doubts about the presidents health.

Trump agreed to be admitted to hospital only after painstaking persuasion

In fact, according to CNN news on the 3rd, trump has been reluctant to show how serious his condition has been since he was diagnosed. Even when he was admitted to hospital for treatment, it was only after the painstaking persuasion of White House advisers that he agreed.

Trump walked up to the Navy one helicopter on Tuesday for Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, according to the associated press

According to reports, on October 2, when Navy one helicopter was already in place on the South Lawn of the White House, Trumps advisers were still in the white house making a final effort to get him on the helicopter. Several people familiar with the situation told CNN that trump himself was not willing to be hospitalized for treatment after the diagnosis of infection with the new crown.

But on the 2nd, medical officials expressed concern about his vital signs, believing that it would be better to monitor his condition with the vast resources provided by the National Military Medical Center in Walter Reed. Trump was told that hospitalization was a more cautious option for him if his condition worsened, and he finally agreed. Senior White House officials then decided to arrange for trump to leave after the stock market closed to avoid an immediate slump, two people familiar with the matter said.

As for Trumps physical condition, the white house seems to be uncertain. The White House is busy portraying a president with mild symptoms of discomfort because he is aware that trump does not want to appear seriously ill or show the severity of his illness to the outside world, CNN reported. However, frequent conflicting information has shaken the credibility of the White House in disclosing Trumps health to the public.

Outside experts: getting better quickly can be surprising

According to the New York Times, outside medical experts have pointed out that trump will be hospitalized indefinitely at Walter Reed military hospital and receive a five-day cocktail treatment, all of which indicate that his condition may be more serious than publicly disclosed.

According to outside experts, Trumps age, weight and gender put him at high risk, belonging to a group of people whose immune system may not be able to defend against the virus alone. With limited and conflicting information, it is difficult for them to accurately comment on Trumps condition or assess his treatment, but some say they are worried.

Dr. Peter chin Hong, an infectious disease expert at the University of California, San Francisco, said he would be surprised if trump improved as quickly as Conley said. He said it is often the case that a patient is discharged from hospital and his condition rapidly deteriorates a week later and has to be readmitted.

The chief justice nominated or confirmed the super communication incident by several trump contacts

According to CCTV News reported on the morning of the 4th, after trump was diagnosed with new coronavirus infection, many people who had contact with him also tested positive for new coronavirus. According to U.S. media statistics, up to now, more than 20 people from the White House, Trumps campaign team and related personnel have been diagnosed, and many of them attended the nomination ceremony for Supreme Court justice held in the rose garden of the White House on June 26. US media said the nomination ceremony may have become a super communication event within the White House.

However, the Washington Post pointed out that after Trumps diagnosis, there was hardly any response within the White House, not only did it not track and guide hundreds of potential contacts, but also did not provide guidance to the White House staff. This includes several white house allies who believe they may have been exposed to the new coronavirus in the past week, but have not been instructed by the White House medical team.

CNN reported that among the political figures and celebrities participating in the nomination of the chief justice, there are currently seven people including trump diagnosed, according to CNN

The Washington Post quoted multiple sources as saying that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had put a contact tracking team on standby, but it had not received a mobilization order from the White House. White House doctor Sean Conley told a news conference that his team was working with the CDC.

White House spokesman Judd Deere said the White Houses contact tracking work is in progress. However, many guests who attended the nominations on September 26 said they had not been contacted by the White House. At present, among the political figures and celebrities participating in the event, seven people including trump have been diagnosed.

Many said they did not test themselves until they learned from news reports that trump had been diagnosed and hospitalized. However, no one has been guided by the experts concerned.

Panic: unable to get the list of campaign personnel, search for contacts

The Washington Post points out that the re-election campaign of the White House and trump seems to have become one super communication action after another. According to the statistics of American media, in the six days before Trumps diagnosis, he went to six cities and participated in five election campaigns. Just hours before his diagnosis, he was at a golf club in New Jersey with more than 200 people on a campaign fundraising campaign.

Trump spoke at a rally outside the airport in Duluth, Minnesota, on the night of September 30, according to AFP

White House doctor Conley said he was coordinating with the local health agencies where the trump campaign was held in recent days, but officials in Minnesota, Ohio and New Jersey said they had not heard from the White House and were relying on their own efforts to find potential contacts.

In Minnesota, state and local officials are still trying to assess the impact of the September 30 presidential campaign. State health officials said they learned about President Trumps diagnosis from news reports and reiterated on the 3rd that they still failed to contact the White House or the trump campaign team to obtain a list of candidates for the campaign.

This is not only a dangerous message for the United States, but also a direct threat to our efforts to block the spread of the virus in the region, said Brooke Pinto, a member of the Washington D.C. Parliament

Prior to this, Washington, D.C. issued a ban on more than 50 people. However, regional regulations could not limit federal property, making the white house an exempt area.. In the end, the White Houses indifference to the epidemic led to the multi state emergency. Officials in Washington, D.C., have warned that rose garden activities could lead to a resurgence of the new coronavirus as officials consider reopening some public schools.

Red Star News reporter Xu Xu

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