Miscalculation? Ramoss head hammer blows off the door

 Miscalculation? Ramoss head hammer blows off the door

The 68th minute, the Real Madrid obtains the forbidden area outside the left side free kick, the Modric penalty free kick passes the ball into the forbidden area, after the spot Ramos header goal. Just when Ramos was ready to celebrate the goal, the referee received a reminder from the VaR referee that the goal was not effective for the time being, but waiting for the result of var.

The TV station also broadcast a slow motion replay of the goal. At the moment of Modrics free kick, Ramos and Levante guards were almost at the same level. Var finally judged Ramos offside, the goal was invalid. From the offside line drawn by VaR, we can see that Ramos was offside of body hair grade at that time, which was almost indistinguishable to the naked eye.

There have been some penalties in favor of Real Madrid before, such as Betis, who was given a penalty and a red card in the third round of La Liga. Puyol, the famous Barcelona player, mocked the referee after the match. And this game Ramos encountered this body hair offside penalty, obviously not good for Real Madrid, also proved that not all var decisions are biased towards Real Madrid.

Spains 1-0 away game, sawadel temporarily went to the top to throw a single knife, lost the empty door, hit a teammate! Wu Leis 70 minutes full screen embarrassment. Source: Netease sports Author: husband and responsible editor: Xu Zexin_ BJS4919