The main theme film is funny. Why dont young people join in

 The main theme film is funny. Why dont young people join in

Generally speaking, the director outlines the whole current China through five symbolic regions. In China, the five short films start from the heart of the rooster, covering the southwest, East, northwest and northeast, forming a pattern of all directions. And its greater ambition is to complete the idea with a positive comedy style.

Second brother, first of all, please give a compliment to all the performers and staff who are serious about their creation!

Of course, some people in Douban film reviews said:

Any exaggeration is embarrassment,

However, there is no aesthetics in new domestic films,

Every famous director is just a hot spot,

If you dont like it, you have a high aesthetic.

The second brother replied: how different the film is, people have different opinions. Now, some people in Douban film reviews always reveal their arrogance at the top of the ivory tower, the decadent knowledge they think they are, and the boredom of idle egg pain.

Can you do it? Dont make a fool of yourself!

Once again: all we enjoy now is created by the Republic. If we deny the achievements of the Republic, what are we? Now there are always people who deny us everything. Since you dont like it so much, you can choose to leave. No one stops you.

Far away, back to the subject. In my mind, the sequence of the five short films is as follows:

First: Beijing good man

Second: the last lesson

Third file: magic brush Ma Liang

The fourth file: the way back home

File 5: UFO falling from the sky

Lets talk one by one.

Lets talk about the first Beijing good man. Ge you plays Zhang Beijing smart and smart, and his cousin simple and honest, when the two exchange identities, forming a strong dislocation, let people have a long lost joy.

The second elder brother came from the countryside and grew up in the countryside. I have a deep understanding of the difficulty of seeing a doctor.

In 1983, with the formal dissolution of the National Peoples communes, the rural cooperative medical system collapsed in an avalanche, the coverage dropped to 11% and decreased by 40% in a year.

By 1990, only 4.8% of rural medical insurance coverage was left. In 1998, the national rate was 21.61%, that is to say, one out of every five farmers in the country fell back into difficulties because of illness.

In the face of such a serious problem, China tried twice in 1990-1992 and 1996-1997 to re promote the rural cooperative medical system and rebuild the rural medical insurance, but they all ended in failure.

Until 2002, the state began to put forward the concept of new rural cooperative medical system. After 10 years of pilot work, it was popularized nationwide in 2012, and it was not until 2015 that financial support was vigorously invested. In the three years, the per capita subsidy standard of the new rural cooperative medical system (NCMS) by all levels of finance increased by nearly 50%.

So far, the rural cooperative medical system returned to the rural areas of the Republic.

In other words, the gap between rural and urban health insurance is significant. Of course, we have to eat one bite at a time and walk step by step.

The relationship between teachers and students in the last lesson is very easy to touch the audiences emotion. Looking at the teachers gray temples, but still able to call out the students names, is it easy to arouse ones thoughts about the former teacher?

The second elder brother personally believes that Fan Wei, with his outstanding acting skills, has perfectly proved that he is an extremely outstanding actor. Fan Wei of the Golden Horse movie emperor has played an old teacher with Alzheimers disease.

It turns out that the skits and comedies are good only as a gift. With his exquisite performance, Mr. Fan Wei, an old dramatist, contributed his acting skills at the palace level and completely conquered the audience. Whats more, I always feel that teacher Fan Wei was delayed by his sketch.

This story is the best shot, with history and reality. This is what an excellent theme work should look like.

Shen Teng and Marys magic pen Ma Liang finally came on the stage. There is no doubt about the comic talent of happy twist, and the free hand throwing is a laughing point. During the whole watching process, the tears are often still hanging on the face, and then they are severely hit by the subsequent smile. This may be the legendary smile with tears!

The completion degree of this poverty alleviation story is very high, which shows the sincere feelings between people, and presents the new rural appearance with comedy. The whole film is well balanced between tears and laughter. It is not forced to sensationalize. When you thought it would be sensational, you suddenly shake a burden and make people laugh with tears.

The scenery in the film is also very attentive. All the murals on the rural walls are made by real painters. Finally, a huge locomotive appeared in the paddy field, which was set in the rice dream space scenic spot in Shenyang, and the locomotive also symbolized the rapid development of China today.

For the sake of 600 million people, we still have to fight.

The core theme of the short film the road back to home is to praise the heroes of combating desertification in the Maowusu Desert, but it is packaged with a funny story structure: a small entrepreneur selling Apple hopes to persuade the queen of e-commerce to invest in him.

Last year, a large Internet company made a high-profile propaganda, linking their own public welfare forest and online tree planting activities with the topic of the Maowusu Desert is about to disappear. The whole network even thought that he had carried out this public welfare activity to eliminate the Maowusu Desert.

However, in fact, the sand control project for the Mu Us Desert began in 1958. Four generations of sand control workers have worked hard for more than 60 years, turning 50 million mu of sandy land into an oasis.

Capitalist public relations picked the peach of socialist infrastructure construction. In eight words: greedy, shameless!

When the secrets behind him are made public, the audience will change their view of him. A seemingly ordinary person, but made an extraordinary, even can be said to be a great move, is awe inspiring.

So the story of the road home is good. Although the story is not very good, it is really out of my mind! With this earnest and hard work, it is worth affirming. He should praise the history of Maowusus sand control.

Finally, we pay tribute to the great sand control martyrs, to the great labor models, and to every worker who participates in the three North Shelterbelt! You are the real heroes!

UFO falling from the sky this short film can only be said that the actors play well, the story is not so good. Basically, it is supported by the powerful performance of several actors, that is, it is not as attentive as the suturing of Tang Tan series, but also blind to Huang Bos powerful acting skills.

Looking at the whole series of stories of my hometown and I, there are those who make up lies to cure relatives in my hometown, those who go to the countryside to help the poor, some who pretend to be big money are actually trying to bring goods to their hometown, and some who make up lies to cure old teachers

And all of these have comic effects, which are logical enough. This UFO is the only one who has made up lies to deceive people from all over the country to travel, and has also conducted an alien themed tour. Are you ridiculing the intelligence quotient of Guizhou people, or do you despise the aesthetic taste of the people of the whole country in choosing tourist destinations?

Art still needs to serve the masses of workers, peasants and soldiers. First of all, we should not tilt our hips. Secondly, the Three Outlooks should be correct. This is probably the only failure in the film.

But in any case, it is admirable. After all, its a gift film. There is nothing wrong with the directors original intention. It seems that director Chen Sicheng is not very good at composition, and it is better to participate in collective activities less in the future. Otherwise, just like Uncle Chen (Kaige), he will try his best not to please.

Finally, it is concluded that:

In the final analysis, every story of my hometown and I comes down to emotion, and to everyones yearning and love for their hometown.

The trees are thousands of feet high and the leaves fall back to their roots. For Chinese people, hometown is our first impression of the world and the last harbor.

For many young people in this era, hometown has gradually become a kind and distant word. Compared with the past, it is really more and more difficult for us to speak out our feelings for home.

The above five stories all have a concrete interpretation of the word Hometown. Every point of laughter and tears falls on the tangible details and emotions of life. No matter where you come from or where you are now, its easy to resonate with them.

It has to be said that the director and cast of my hometown and I are unprecedented this year, and have basically gathered all the leading actors in the current comedy industry. Dont talk about movies. Its worth a movie ticket to collect so many comedians.

The reason why I want to praise it today is that it made my second brother feel pure happiness during the two and a half hours of watching the film. At the same time, I was deeply moved. I really realized that there are smiles and tears, there are you and I.

For a movie, in fact, this is enough. If it can be touched by the feelings of home and country, then the movie ticket is worth more.