Yang Guo vs Guo Fu: there is no love or hatred for no reason in this world!

 Yang Guo vs Guo Fu: there is no love or hatred for no reason in this world!


I love Guo Xiang, but she should also understand: the indisputable fact is in front of her eyes, why should she aggrieve herself and force others. If you fall in love with someone you shouldnt love, you have to rush with a single arrow - sorry, how many people cant make her change her mind. But the protagonist of this time is not Miss Guo er. Instead, Miss Guo Fu, who everyone doesnt like. This woman, who has been favored by Guo Jing and Huang Rong for more than ten years, did not inherit the advantages of her parents. It is not common people can bear the disease of princess. Fortunately, there is jeruzzi.


On Guo Xiangs birthday, Yang Guo sent three gifts. It can be said that the dark poking took away the scenery of Guo Fu. We must know that the beggars sect elected a new leader at that meeting. And the future leader of the gang will be yeluzi, Guo Fus husband. Yang Guo sent strange gifts to Guo Xiang for his birthday. The first is the ears of two thousand Mongolian generals, and the second is the burning of the grain and grass of the 200000 Mongolian army. The third is darba, the second disciple of the Golden Wheel Dharma king. What does this man do? Dalba came to solve huodu, indirectly avenged Lu Youjiao and returned the dog beating stick.


At this moment, Guo Fus eyes are full of jealousy. Well, kind jealousy. Why is Yang Guo so good to his sister? In other words, when did Yang Guo treat himself so well? Growing up from childhood, Guo Fu and Yang Guo couldnt see each other properly. More or Guo Fu dislike Yang Guo is a rural child, Yang Guo despises Guo Fus temper. But you know, its a fact that cant be changed. After some experience, Yang Guo also grew up from a child to a teenager. Guo Fu saw him again, and he fell in love with Yang Guo unconsciously.


Is nature a trick? If Guo Fu is not holding a lady sword, he will not easily cut off Yang Guos arm. She is just angry to find Yang Guo to settle accounts, the son of a bitch actually refused to marry. In the end, there was no deep hatred between them. As for, later, Guo Fu did not mean to hurt XiaoLongNu. All in all, its so clever. Whats worse, I think, is Guo Fu. Its depressing to have done so many bad things unconsciously. In the Xiangyang war, Yang Guo saved yeluqi. As soon as Guo Fu was stunned, her childhood memories flashed in her mind like a flash of lightning


Do I hate him? Do you really hate him? Wu brothers have been trying to please me, but he never pay attention to me. As long as he follows me a little, I will die for him, and I will. Why do I always hate him for no reason? Just because I think about him and read about him, but he doesnt care about me at all? Who was more worried about when he rushed into the enemy line to rescue Qi Ge? Why should I hate the three gifts he gave her on her birthday? He exposed huodus conspiracy and intrigue and made brother Qi the leader of the beggars sect. Why am I so angry?


In fact, Yang Guo and Guo Xiang should have understood that there is no love or hatred for no reason in this world