Qi Xiuyuan vs Xiao Li: love is a whirlpool, the ends of the earth will not separate you and me

 Qi Xiuyuan vs Xiao Li: love is a whirlpool, the ends of the earth will not separate you and me


But most of the story is understood. Its not easy to say with the sky. I dont know anything about dubbing. Im a pure listener anyway. However, both online and commercial distribution have extraordinary capabilities. Sky is always modest to say that he is an amateur. But to tell you the truth, he is an amateur who can definitely achieve professional level. And attitude is everything. We sincerely treat every recording and every cooperation. Whats more, the distinction between the two dimensions is clear and clear. Too many people say that the sky is our destiny. Well, its not a fault to appreciate someone. what you think?


Qi Xiuyuan, a university teacher, is really not like him at all. If I had not done my homework well, I would have known that Qi Xiuyuan was the role of attack -- it would have been easy to have some indescribable misunderstandings. As for Xiao Li, he was forced to follow Qing Ye. Youll have to pay it back sooner or later. As for how to pay it back, you have to be willing. Xiao Li just thinks that his life is like this. To be able to keep a distance from him is the way to protect himself. I didnt expect that there would be accidents in life. This accident is Qi Xiuyuan. Xiao Yang (Xiao Lis younger brother) is in love with Qi Xiuyuans sister Qi Susu. The relationship is complex


Not a family, not a family. In this way, all kinds of accidents piled up and became inevitable encounter. Such an encounter is bound to be thrilling, but also ambiguous. In order to pursue his wife, Qi Xiuyuan gambled all his luck. And Xiao Li, his role is the most difficult. On the one hand, he and Qing Yeh are engaged in all kinds of desperate struggle (again, indescribable); on the other hand, qiaoxiuyuan first refused, and then tried to protect. Hes too difficult, though hes also a person with a name on the road. But he doesnt want to be like this, OK? It was forced by the situation. Fortunately, the last consolation is two people together, the end of the world!


[Maple] till I accompany you in the thorny fields

When the desert blooms

The ends of the earth will never separate you and me

[empty + Maple] laugh at impermanence

What I remember most is that Xiao Li said, Qi Xiuyuan, dont do this. I finally believe: indeed, there is no absolute attack or absolute acceptance.

I still like the sky vs. Park Fengs version of whirlpool, combined with the story of the outlaws - very tension.

Laugh at the impermanence of the shuttle, difficult to resist the fall of love vortex. In that case, please hold me tight. Together, sink to death