Spains 1-0 away game with Javier sawadel on the top

 Spains 1-0 away game with Javier sawadel on the top

Less than 3 minutes after the opening, Vargas passed by the right baseline. In the scuffle, dadels side shot beside the right post was rubbed by the visiting teams guard and blocked out by the post. Wu Leis short-range supplementary shot on one side was preempted by the visiting teams guard. The first 6 minutes, David Lopez right cross, puado middle push was blocked, he again shot the ball to the right post out of the baseline.

In the 9th minute, dadel snatched the ball from the middle circle and sent out a straight block with a few steps. After receiving the ball, Wu Lei pushed the shot from the middle of the forbidden area and slightly deviated from the left post.

In the 21st minute, Vargas on the right side cut into the forbidden area with the ball, and knocked in front of the door. McKay stopped the opponents goalkeeper at the front point, and dadel pushed and shot by Mackay again. In the 29th minute, dadels middle side was divided, and Migrons right-hand cross was passed. Pualdos head crossed the door on the left side of the forbidden area. The other sides guard pressed him closely, and dadel turned and pushed the ball too straight, and kicked McKays arms. The 42nd minute, oskoidi left road with the ball breakthrough Wu Lei block fouls. The home teams free kick from the left, too close to the goal, was picked off by Diego Lopez. The 43rd minute, Vargas straight, Wu Lei forward, but Vargas pass power is too big, Mackay fell to the ground to hold the ball, Wu Lei did not catch the ball. In the first half, the two teams played 0-0.

In the second half, the two sides did not change players. The 49th minute, Wu Lei forbidden area arc top stops the ball after the foot volley, Wu Leis volley power is very big, but the angle is too is saved by Mackay. The 54th minute, Wu Lei forbidden area right side takes the ball, intends to knock the heel to the teammate, but actually steps on the ball carelessly. The 55th minute, Pedrosa left cross, Wu Lei in the forbidden area in front of the middle, ready to encircle, but Mackay fell in front of the block, after the ball rebounded, Wu Lei and Vargas in front of the right post collided with each other.

The 66th minute, the visiting team counterattacks, Garcia forbidden area line one foot volley is saved by etigo Lopez the baseline. In the 70th minute, the visiting teams right corner cross, in front of the goal, kavrela fell, and Diego Lopez blocked the ball out of the goal line. The 70th minute, kuirol middle circle drags Wu Lei fouls by yellow card warning. The 71st minute, Wu Lei was replaced by Melamed. The 75th minute, de Thomas forbidden area right side sling was rubbed by the visiting team guard, the speed slowed down, McKay in front of the door got. The 82nd minute, Hill right road pick pass, the right side of the restricted area Melamed side volley volley by Mackay, Hill make-up shot high.

In the 84th minute, carlislo sent the straight stopper, and Melamed inserted the straight plug to take the ball into the forbidden area. The Spaniard scored 1-0 when facing McKays push. In the 88th minute, the left side of puaddos forbidden area crossed and swung two defenders, and then a strong shot slightly deviated from the right post. The Spaniard won 1-0 away.

Starting Line-up

Sawadel (541): 1-mackay / 3-oscoidi, 20 Syrah, 15-j. Fernandez, 5-j. Sanchez (504-koch), 12-rubio / 11-quirol (767-pena), 23-ondabarena, 6-a. martinez-sevara (578-kueva), 9-j. hernandes (5717-victor Garcia) / 19-guruzetta (7621-greggs)

Spaniards (442): 13 Diego Lopez / 2-migron (7127 Oscar Hill), 5-carlelo, 4-cabrera, 3-pedrosa (8617-didak) / 10-daddell, 15 David Lopez, 8-merida (8620-barre), 22-vargas (6111-de Thomas) / 7-wu Lei (7133-melamed), 9-pudo