Serie A - lautaro break, INMO more than Leisen, inter 1-1 Lazio

 Serie A - lautaro break, INMO more than Leisen, inter 1-1 Lazio

Inter and Lazio have played 154 times in Serie A, with 64 wins, 53 draws and 37 losses. Last season, the two teams played twice in the league and won a victory at their own home.

The sixth minute, Alberto corner ball pass, ladu head deviation. The first 12 minutes, Barrera outside the restricted area was blocked by defensive players. In the 16th minute, Bastos came out to replace the injured ladu. In the 20th minute, Albertos long-range shot was saved by handanovic, and then Albertos corner shot directly to the goal and hit the side net. In the 28th minute, Barrera passed the forbidden area on the right, and lautaro volleyed the ball out of the baseline.

The first 31 minutes, Barrera points the ball, galliar Dini low shot deviation from the baseline. In the 34th minute, Faris came out to replace the injured Marucci. The 39th minute, pericic under the bottom of the cross, Ashraf header attack out of the bottom line. In the second minute of stoppage injury time, galliardini knocked horizontally, and barera shot a long-range shot higher than the crossbar.

In the second half, the two teams changed sides to fight again. The first 46 minutes, lautaro hit the top of the arc, Lukaku push shot slightly out of the door. The 53rd minute, lautaro picks passes the forbidden area, pericic volleys to hit high.

The 55th minute, Archer by left road passes, mirinkovic after the point jump header, the score was pulled to 1-1.

The 63rd minute, Alberto attack was seized by handanovic. The first 65 minutes, Alberto pocket shot the door was blocked out of the baseline. Then Lazio opened a tactical corner, because mobile arc head attack high.

In the 69th minute, bidal shoveled from behind to inMobile, who fell to the ground and slapped him directly. Because mobile was sent off by red card, bidal received a yellow card.

In the 72nd minute, bidal was replaced and hissed at the scene. In the 80th minute, Barrera received Sanchezs pass and shot, which was confiscated by strakosha. The 85th minute, brozovic volleys to attack the goal, the ball hits the defensive player to change the line after being blocked by the goal post.

The 86th minute, senxi throws the side line ball to push down the pateridge which blocks forward, is sent off directly by the red card, Patrice is warned by the yellow card.

In the end, the two teams drew 1-1.

Inter Milan (3412): 1 - handanovic / 95 - Bastoni, 6 - de Vray, 37 - shkrinyar (7833 - danbrosio) / 14 - pericic (6715 - ashleyan), 5 - galliardini (6712 - sensi), 22 - bidal (7277 - brozovic), 2 - Ashraf / 23 - Barrera / 10 - lautaro - Martinez (787 - Sanchez), 9 - Lukaku

Lazio (352): 1-strakosha / 26-ladu (1615-bastos (4516-parolo)), 33-archerbi, 4-partridge / 77-malusic (3596-faris), 10-alberto (8092-akpa), 6-lucas-rewa (8018-escalant), 21-milinkovic, 29-lazari / 17-inmobile, 11-correa