From 5-2 Manchester City to 0-3 West Ham blue fox: how to lose?

 From 5-2 Manchester City to 0-3 West Ham blue fox: how to lose?

In the second minute of injury stoppage time, Barnes pushed the goal after a series of beautiful cooperation with his teammates, but after var intervention, the offside first goal was blown away, and the only one to save face was no longer there, which made fox citys failure more thorough.

In the first three rounds of the season, he won three games in three games. Undoubtedly, the most valuable one won 5-2 away from Manchester City. How proud he was five days ago and how depressed he was after five days. The statistics of the whole game is also one-sided, shooting Leicester 4-14, the fatal thing is that the blue fox 4-foot shot did not shoot a positive. What a shame? Only they know it!

Leicester coach Rogers is afraid that he cant understand which link is wrong for almost the original team. The results are very different. Im afraid Guardiola cant understand the result even more

Its too much reading! Sun Xingjies dream theater opened twice, Manchester United 37 minutes 1-4, spurs United 1-5 behind! Spurs new aid is wonderful, straight seoriye next City Zhan Jun comments half time: Uniteds defense in the back field is too scattered, rameras performance is the best. Source: Netease sports author: bombers editor: Li Xiaotian_ NS6473