The trump administration is going to do something about Google

 The trump administration is going to do something about Google

According to the report, Google browser is the cornerstone of Googles e-mail business, online video business, mobile phone software business, map business and cloud computing business.

U.S. Department of justice officials have informed Google representatives that their focus is on Googles search orientation: when users use the browser to search for information or products, search results will give priority to Googles own products, including business services, travel booking and regional business lists.

In 2018, Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs paid Apple $9 billion to help its products appear in Apples Safari browser and other apple platforms.

A private search engine developer complained to the justice department that such behavior by large technology companies made it almost impossible for other search platforms to compete. Meanwhile, Googles Android system has also been accused of forcing mobile phone manufacturers to pre install several Google software.

Earlier, the European Union has imposed billions of Euro fines on Google for monopolistic behavior and data privacy issues.