Liu Yuxis most philosophical poem, as long as you understand it, it will benefit you all your life

 Liu Yuxis most philosophical poem, as long as you understand it, it will benefit you all your life

In the 21st year of Zhenyuan, that is, 805 ad, Tang Dezong passed away, and then the crown prince succeeded to the throne, which was later Tang Shunzong. Therefore, Wang Shuwen, Liu Yuxi, Liu Zongyuan and others began to devote themselves to the reform, but the good time was not long. This was originally a vigorous reform, which was finally blocked by the opposition, and lasted only for a short period of more than 100 days, so the reform failed.

Tang Shunzong, who advocated reform at that time, was forced to abdicate and was succeeded by later Crown Prince Li Chun. This is Tang Xianzong, also famous in history.

After this incident, Liu Yuxis life changed dramatically. He began to live a vagrant life. He lived in Hunan for ten years. Although he was called back to the capital for a short time, he was demoted to Lingnan because he wrote a satirical poem you Xuan Du Guan.

Purple Mo red dust brush face, no one does not see flowers back.

In xuandu temple, there are thousands of peach trees planted by Liu Lang.

We can feel his unique personality from this poem of Liu Yuxi. Although he is a demoted person, he still does not admit defeat.

Perhaps only a person with such a character as Liu Yuxi would be so calm. Even in such an environment, he still dares to say no to the dignitaries, and dare to satirize. This is exactly one of his most moving places. It is this kind of personality that makes him suffer more severe attacks.

Liu Yuxi was demoted to Lingnan for more than ten years. After that, he was relegated to Sichuan and Guizhou, where he was in trouble. Even so, he never regretted. He always faced the setbacks and difficulties of life with a kind of tenacious vitality, without any fear.

This also enables him to have a deeper understanding of life in such an environment, and his works naturally become more impressive. For example, his poem a gift at a banquet in Yangzhou for the first time is also the most philosophical and amazing poem among his many works. The whole poem seems to be very common, but the profound philosophy, however, is quite impressive Its the most touching.

Bashan chushui desolate, 23 years to abandon the place.

Nostalgic empty chant flute Fu, to the countryside to turn like a rotten Ke people.

A thousand sails pass by the side of the sunken boat, and thousands of trees are in front of the sick trees.

Today, I listen to a song from you, and I will grow up with a cup of wine.

Liu Yuxis poem is also a representative one in his later period. The whole poem is not vulgar, and it is also very lyrical. At the same time, that piece of philosophy can move us most. When the poet wrote this poem, he had experienced countless setbacks and blows, and also met Bai Juyi, who was also ostracized. At the banquet, the two people were filled with emotion.

First of all, Bai Juyi wrote a poem drunken gift to the twenty eighth envoy of Liu.

Bring me a cup of wine and drink, and beat the pan song with you.

The poem said that the national player was you, but his life was too much to do.

The scenery is long and lonely, and the official position is wasted.

I also know that he has been given a lot of money in 23 years.

The first couplet tells us that he was demoted to different places. However, the poet is very calm. He describes these experiences in a light way, Bashan Chu River is desolate, and he abandoned himself in 23 years. I was often demoted to the desolate place of the Chu River and lived in those places for 23 years without doing anything. I just wasted my time, so that my life was full of infinite regret.

The couplet uses allusions, but as long as you understand the story, it is not difficult to understand it as well, nostalgic empty chant flute Fu, go to the countryside to turn around like a Langke people. Every time I miss my friends in my hometown, I will recite nostalgia Fu over and over again. This Fu is also very famous. His author is also a famous writer of the Western Jin Dynasty. Because I have been demoted for too long, like a Langke person, I have changed everything when I return to my hometown.

The neck couplet is the most classic, and it is also the poetic eye of the whole poem. At the same time, it is full of profound philosophy, thousands of sails pass by the side of the sunken boat, and thousands of trees are in front of the sick tree. In fact, these two poems are easy to understand, so it roughly means that there were countless boats capsized here on the river, but now there are still countless boats passing by, which can be said to be thousands of sails. Those trees that seem to have died will still grow new shoots after spring.

Conclusion: as a great poet, Liu Yuxi, though living a vagrant life in real life, still faces these difficulties with a calm mind. Although there are sad emotions in his bones, more often than not, he bravely faced these setbacks and blows and never gave up his pursuit of life. It is such a spirit that inspires generations of readers and makes us feel the sincerity of the poet.

Reading such works is also the most moving. We can learn a lot from it and understand more truth.

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