The ancients 10 small jokes, reasonable, interesting, deep!

 The ancients 10 small jokes, reasonable, interesting, deep!

As soon as the imperial edict shaved his head, he raised his hand and hurt a lot. But he stopped the knife and said to his master, this head is still tender, so you cant cut it. After a while, Ill shave when Im old.

Comments: people who mess things up and dont want to take responsibility will shift the responsibility to irrelevant people or objective factors. We should be alert to those who cant sleep and complain about the bed is crooked!


Meet a bosom friend

A student is good at playing the piano. He says that there is no bosom friend in the world, and he is not happy. One day, I played the piano for recreation. Suddenly, I heard the neighbor, sighed and overjoyed. I thought that my bosom friend was there. I knocked on the door and said, there is nothing else. My dead son lives in the day. I take playing catkins as my career. Now my guest drums this, cool like its sound. When I hear it, I dont feel sad from the middle ear.

One day, I was free to play the piano for recreation. I suddenly heard a sigh from the next door. I thought I had met a bosom friend, so I knocked on the door and asked what was going on.

The old woman next door said, nothing. The dead son made a living by playing cotton. Today you play the piano like he plays cotton. I cant help feeling sad.

Comments: overconfident, conceited people often make jokes, it is necessary to have a correct understanding of themselves.


Do not want to be rich

There was a ghost who wanted to be born a rich man. Ghost said: do not want to be rich, just want to live a life of food and clothing, no right and wrong, burning fragrance, eating bitter tea, living in peace and contentment. The Hades said, if you want money, I will give you tens of thousands of Liang silver, so you cant enjoy it.

Comments: prosperity is not as good as leisure and happiness, but how many people in the world can really get leisure and happiness in this changeable and unstable world of life!


Saw arrow pole

A man went to see the martial arts field, and the flying arrow hit him by mistake. To meet the surgical treatment, the doctor said: easy things ear. Then he cut off the pole with a small saw, and asked for his resignation. How about internal fixation? the answer was, this is a matter of internal medicine.

There was a man who went to the arena to watch the match and got an arrow by mistake. The surgeon came to see him. The doctor said, its a piece of cake. So he sawed off the arrow rod outside the body with a saw, and asked for the cost of leaving. Someone asked, what about the arrow left in the body? and the doctor replied, its a physicians business.

Comments: cure the symptoms, not the root cause, only solve the superficial problems.



Or ask: who took the name of fan Chi? and said, Confucius took it. Who took the name of fan Kai? he said, Han Zu took it. He also said, who takes the name of trouble? he said, he took it by himself.

One asked, who gave the name of fan Chi? another replied, Confucius took it. Who took the name of fan Kuai? the answer was, Han Gaozu took it. Then he asked, who took the name of trouble? and he answered, he took it by himself.

Comments: right and wrong just because of more open mouth, troubles are due to strong. Most troubles are self-made. French philosopher Pascal said: many troubles in life are caused by the unwillingness to stay in ones own room quietly.



A craftsman installed the latch, but mistakenly installed the door. The master called him a blind thief. The craftsman replied, you will be a blind thief. How can I go blind? the master said angrily The craftsman said, if you have eyes, you will not come and invite me to be a craftsman like me.

When the carpenter installed the latch wrong, he was scolded by his master. When the carpenter heard the scolding, he said, if you are not blind, how can you ask me to install it??

Comments: no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. As long as they are not mistakes in principle, what cant be discussed?

Leave a line in front of you, so you can see each other in the future. Forgive not only others, but also yourself.


Or ask what is the hardest thing in the world and say, stone and steel. The man said, stone can be broken, iron can be chiseled, and safety is hard? In my brothers opinion, only my brothers mustache is the hardest. Iron and stone are not as good as them. Ask its reason, answer: elder brother facial skin thick, unexpectedly by its out. Those who need to be mocked said: the skin under the feet is older, and this hard beard can not be drilled through.

Comments: everyone is far sighted, can see others, can not see themselves.

You may also have the shortcomings of others, and the shortcomings of others may be more reflected in you. When you see the shortcomings and shortcomings of others, dont sneer, remember to reflect on yourself.


Muddle headed

A young blind man is involved in a lawsuit and complains that he is blind. The official said, you clearly have a pair of white eyes, how to cheat blind? Answer: the master sees the villain is innocent, the villain looks at the master is muddleheaded.

A green blind man appealed to the Yamen. The official said that I dont think you are blind. How can you say that you are blind? The blind man said, I cant see. I know youre confused..

Comments: heart blindness is more terrible than blindness, blindness only does not distinguish color, heart blindness does not distinguish right from wrong.

To be a man with a clear mind and take the widest and most correct road, a moment of confusion can be corrected, and it is difficult to change it if you keep muddleheaded.


evade and conceal

The snobbish, every time when the canopy, will lead away. The same traveler asked the reason and replied, sacrifice ones relatives. So often, the same practitioners are tired of it. Occasionally meet a beggar, also follow its lead to avoid, say: sacrifice ones relatives. Why is there such a mother? But all right, I have been recognized by you, he said

There is a snobbish man who always gives way to those who are rich and powerful every time he goes out. When they asked him why, they replied, these are my relatives.

Every time he did, everyone hated him.

Once, two people met a beggar, the companion also imitates him, hastily avoids. The snob was very strange and asked, how can you have such relatives? Because all good relatives are recognized by you, he said

Comments: life can not be too snobbish, only with rich people to make friends, no money people do not respect, do not put in the eye. If you make friends in this way, then these friends must be snobbish people. How many sincere friends can there be?


Boast of money

A man lost his way, met a mute, asked him, he did not answer, when he offered to give him money, he suddenly spoke.

Comments: there is nothing wrong with pursuing material things. Whats wrong is everything for money, and even betraying ones conscience.

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