I finally quit the class group without any nostalgia.

 I finally quit the class group without any nostalgia.

When graduation, the monitor hastily set up a new group and pulled you into the group.

After all, a classmate, fate is rare, after all, you must contact, so you did not want to agree.

No one pays attention to you, no one replies, and all the people in the group are silent.

You think, also, graduation season, who is so free to always look at the mobile phone, waiting for a reply message?

Forward this article, good luck with you all year!

It turned out to be some messy information, there are a lot of junk ads in front of it. This group seems to be dead in name, but you still dont want to delete it.

After two or three years, the dead group suddenly came alive, accumulating 99 + messages. You were still hesitating whether to see it or not.

It turned out that the monitor decided to organize a party for the students. Therefore, everyone began to talk

You look scared, afraid that students will mention your name, the brain began to organize a variety of words.

Fortunately, no one mentioned you; unfortunately, no one thought of you.

Yes, how boring, how sad, students for three or four years, even can not give others the impression of a name. It turns out that most of the students just meet by chance, not to mention friendship, and may not be worth cherishing.

Its not about you, not about greeting you, just want to get a little comfort and satisfaction from you.

Finally, you quit group chat, you quit once had your past.

In our lives, we have joined countless circles and eventually forced ourselves to escape from them.

There is a hot quote on the Internet:

People are like this. First, they draw a small circle for themselves, which is called life planning. Then they jump in and do nothing in the circle.

With the mobile phone, we cant help but open wechat and QQ, brush a wave of friends and friends space, leave a few likes, prove their existence;

Back in the company, we cant help but gather around the crowd of colleagues, trying to join their topic, even if there is nothing to say, we have to say a few more yes and yes;

I have a weekend break at home. Before I open my eyes, I begin to think about what I want to do today, whether I want to get together with my friends, and who is more suitable.

We tried our best to join various circles, but gradually lost the ability to be alone.

Well known writer Zhou Hongxiang said:

From small to large, we have been adjusting our role, trying to integrate into various circles.

Its not what we really want to integrate into, but the elders tell us that we should do it, and other children do it. Why dont you do it?

Before we understood the meaning of social intercourse, we had reached out to each other and said, Hello, my name is XXX, can I make friends with you?

However, not all circles are suitable for us, and we may not be able to integrate into all circles.

The result of forcing oneself is that either you neglect others or others neglect you.


I finally quit the group of students, not that this group is useless, but found that the students have become so unreasonable.

That day, Qiqi, who lived next door to me, had several photos in the group. It was the wedding photos of her and her husband. It turned out that Qiqi was married.

At the bottom of the picture, many students are brushing blessing messages, but there is a strange comment: wedding photos dont need to be exposed to the group, who wont get married?

After this comment came out, the whole group was silent immediately. After a long time, some students even agreed with him

If its me, Ill only get to the circle of friends. Qiqi, you get married so early, dont you want to struggle for a few more years? Envy Qi Qi, after marriage can rely on her husband to raise, this day is happy.

Qiqi, as the party concerned, did not speak. After a few minutes, Qiqi withdrew from the class group.

Those who do not agree with each other will never be able to merge together.

There have been friendship between students, but not necessarily friendship, some people have been close to us, some people are gradually away from us, these are doomed, we do not need to force ourselves to accept each other.


Liu Feng volunteered to be a living Lei Feng in the army. He helped his comrades in every detail. He took the initiative to undertake the dirty work that others were not willing to do. Because of his impulse, he was criticized by the whole collective;

This may be the value Yan Geling wants to convey to us from the film: live in the collective, you have to always keep yourself.

We are all inseparable from the circle, living in the circle, we can be in accordance with the provisions of the world, not out of bounds, mistakes, and even be abandoned by others;

But life is always our own, there is no need to live to others, there is no need to pay attention to other peoples life.

As long as we can live a wonderful life, as long as we are not surrounded by the circle culture, our life at least retains the right to choose freely.

Go out of the circle and live your own life.