Li Ziqis annual income is 160 million. Many people also want to be we media. Have you passed these three tests?

 Li Ziqis annual income is 160 million. Many people also want to be we media. Have you passed these three tests?

At the same time, more and more people are pouring in to do we media, especially some young people who give up looking for jobs and take videos with their mobile phones. It seems that taking a video will immediately make it from China to abroad like Li Ziqi. As a result, they are in a rush and come back disappointed.

So young people can give up looking for jobs and work exclusively for we media. Can we media make a lifelong career? The following is my own experience of doing we media. If it can give you some inspiration, it will be very happy.

Whether to do we media or not, I think we should first look at this matter rationally, for the following three reasons:

The first level: easy to enter, very difficult to do well

Although the threshold of we media is very low, generally speaking, as long as one machine, one certificate can be started. One machine is a mobile phone, and one card is an ID card. If you register successfully, you can send documents and videos.

But its easy to get in, but not easy to do well. Because it used to be done by traditional media, universities set up journalism and Chinese majors. After reading, they have to go through actual combat before they can really take up their posts.

This is a very good time, which provides us with a very good opportunity. The saying that everyone is the media should also be applied. However, it is not easy to do a good job. If you want to support yourself and your family by doing we media full-time, you should be cautious. Unless you have a certain amount of savings, you can spend at least 6 months of savings before you can quit to work as we media. Since there are few ways to support yourself in the beginning of we media, we need a process. If there are other income channels, we will not discuss here Domain.

The second level: too utilitarian

As soon as we media people enter this industry, they will profit at the head. In particular, when we see the news that we media people like Li Ziqi have made more than 100 million yuan a year, they sharpen their heads and drill in. It seems that they can make money every day after they come in. Its not hard to imagine that many of them have become a foil. After three seconds of passion, they die out Its reasonable.

We media field is divided into many fields from society, workplace, entertainment and other fields. There are about 40 fields in each field. You are good at the workplace, and you can see that entertainment is easy to generate hot money. You can also get together to write about entertainment. Maybe you are lucky enough to write a few blockbusters, and then its hard to make a blockbuster. Ive seen some of them now.

Huihuo, mengshenmumu and other large-scale accounts are the head accounts in the entertainment field. When they started to do we media, maybe you havent heard of we media. Now youre not good at entertainment, but you want to run over and take a share. Can you get a share?

The third level: too impetuous to study

We media has a lot of skills and knowledge, whether its graphics or short videos. Some people have been working in we media for a few months, but they still dont know whether to make the title into three paragraphs or to write one sentence title like the traditional media era. Some people have less than ten words.

Since the media, except for the official account, the robot is basically recognized and pushed by the robot. If you take a title less than 10 words, the core of the article and the contents of the reader are not put in the title, it is difficult to identify the robot, and it does not know who it is pushed to. Because each reader has filled in the key words when he registered the user information, and some people love football. The robot will push articles about football to him, not to a person who likes fishing, unless the person who likes fishing also likes to watch football reports.


Only when these rules have been made clear, can we do the content and get twice the result with half the effort.

This is a big topic. Due to time, I would like to share it for reference only

1. Anatomize yourself and locate yourself

Now we media, no matter which platform it is, has a clear positioning division. It has been specified from the time of registration. For example, if you have registered the workplace field, then you have to write articles and shoot videos around the workplace, instead of writing about psychology, agriculture, rural areas and other fields.

2. Give full play to your advantages and do what you are good at

Everyone is good at different contents. We must find ways to show what we are good at. For example, our No.1 documentary now has 40 media outlets, but the names are the same, and the content is documentary style. Therefore, we will not write essays, poems, novels, etc., but tell good stories with documentary techniques.

No.1 sample manuscript of 1000 words and 1000 yuan remuneration

This advantage of documentary writing is not something that can be achieved in a few days, but over ten years of accumulation. If you have not done documentary work, it is not impossible to do documentary work, but it needs a learning process. If you are interested in this aspect, you are welcome to communicate with us. You can also participate in our training camp of thousand words and thousands of Yuan documentary features, private message or message.

3. Learn to operate in multiple forms of realization

As we media, most people know that cash can be realized through graphics and text or short video traffic. However, in addition to this most primitive and fundamental channel, there are many ways to realize it

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