Learn to be a soft spoken and hard hearted woman and start to change from these things

 Learn to be a soft spoken and hard hearted woman and start to change from these things

But in fact, the girls Ive met are actually very powerful in their hearts. They are rarely influenced by others. They have special principles and bottom line in their work, but they express their opinions in the most intelligent way.

As for me, I belong to the opposite kind. Im a typical hard spoken and soft hearted person. I seem to be extremely powerful in appearance. I seem to be able to handle all things without any need of care. But in fact, I am always very vulnerable in my heart, and I am very easy to feel sad.

Since I was a child, I envied those girls who would be coquettish, and especially understood the truth that crying children have milk to eat. But when it was my turn, the words in my mouth became I can and its OK..

Therefore, most people around me think of me as strong woman, super good emotional control ability and special self-discipline. But only I know how much I hope I can rely on others and get other peoples care and help.

Whats more, what saddens me most is that I am particularly easy to compromise. No matter in love, family relationship or friendship, I seem to be strong, but I always indulge others. For this reason, I gave up a lot of things, my favorite work and my favorite life.

In fact, there are many girls around me who, like me, want to be taken care of by others, but they dont say it. They have done a lot for others, but they are ashamed to express themselves. If they can meet the right people, they can be understood by luck. If they cant, they can only be carried by themselves. Every time I look at such a girl, I feel very sad.

Of course, I dont mean that girls like this are not good. Most of them are kind-hearted. But I still think that if you can change yourself, you must try to be a soft spoken and hard hearted girl, because such a girl is really powerful.

So, how can we work hard to become a soft spoken and hard hearted girl? I think it can be changed from these points.

Ive seen a lot of girls who are soft hearted in their feelings. They give their feelings and money, but they have nothing in the end. Whats the problem? The reason is that they are too soft hearted.

Her last boyfriend was a poor little white face. I dont know what she likes about each other. Anyway, she bought clothes, computers and mobile phones for each other, washed and cooked for him, and took care of his daily life. She changed herself from a little princess to an old baomu.

If the boy treats her better, its OK. The boy is not good at it, but he has a big temper. Like an old man, he always follows him, but he never treats my best friend gently.

Slowly, he even accompany his best friend are not willing to, in addition to and her money, there is nothing else, and all the boudoir pay in his eyes, are also taken for granted.

Sometimes I dont understand that a girls love should not be to find a person who loves and loves himself? Whats good about such a man who makes heaven and earth?

But ah, in reality, there are too many girls like my best friend. They are too irrational in their feelings. They are easy to be soft hearted. They know clearly that this is an injustice to themselves, but there is no way to refuse. In the final analysis, they are still afraid of losing or lack of confidence in themselves.

But you know what? The more you are like this, the more the other party will not cherish you. This is the root of human nature, always do not cherish things that are too easy to get.

Therefore, to learn to make their own hard up, but also learn to let their mouth soft down, believe me, such you, will meet more suitable for their own feelings, will be better loved.

Dont compromise easily, learn to express your own demands

In real life, many girls, like my best friend, are particularly easy to compromise in the face of various problems and contradictions in their feelings. They always think that as long as they take a step back, they will be broad and broad-minded, but at the end of the day, they find that their concession is just stupid in other peoples eyes.

In my opinion, only girls who will not compromise easily are truly powerful, and those who can refuse and express their own demands are the real kings.

Just like another friend of mine, she is the kind of girl with a strong heart. She always looks soft and weak. She speaks softly, but she can always express her demands unconsciously.

For example, she especially likes to use turning sentences, the other side said: baby, can you wash my clothes for me? She said: yes, baby, but I came to my period today. I have a special stomachache. I really want someone to hold me.

Such a word, instantly let the mans protection want to burst, also wash what clothes, quickly brown sugar water and warm arms to wait on.

Many people may say that such a woman is too green tea, but dear girl, although we dont make green tea, we must learn some good skills from green tea people. After all, our ultimate goal is to make ourselves live better and better, instead of becoming a little grumpy woman without pain, right?

If you want to be happy, you should learn to refuse wisely. Dont aggrieve yourself to fulfill others. Dont pretend to be tough and hurt yourself. Say the softest words, do the hardest things, and achieve your own happiness in the smartest way.

Let your goodness with claws and teeth, build the strongest armor for yourself

I like the kind-hearted girl, and I always feel that kindness is the best quality of a girl. However, slowly, I began to understand that we can be kind, but we must let our goodness have claws and teeth. Otherwise, such unprincipled and bottomless goodness will become our own weakness, and let others bully and hurt them recklessly.

I hope you must think about it carefully. Is your concession always in exchange for others advance? Is your kindness always allowing others to hurt you wantonly.

If it is, then you must try to change yourself. The world has never been fair. Most people are bullying the soft and afraid of the hard. You must let others know where your bottom line and principles are in order to protect yourself well.

And the most important thing is to make your heart hard and your mouth soft. Only in this way can you make your goodness become your armor and protect you on the road of wind and rain and forge ahead.

Finally, I want to say, be good to yourself, love yourself more, such a girl, just lovely.

Im Xiyan, a columnist. Im a young girl who is neither old nor old. I like to write warm words and do emotional programs. I have published the rest of your life, which is related to me. If you have a story, please come to me.