Behind the condoms on the pilgrimage road is a cruel truth that makes countless people ashamed

 Behind the condoms on the pilgrimage road is a cruel truth that makes countless people ashamed

In order to protect this pure land, as long as he passes by, the garbage is picked up one by one, packed and then transferred to the nearby dustbin or county garbage station for centralized treatment.

Every day, I have to spare a few hours to clean up the garbage. After a trip, I picked up more than 500 bags of garbage.

However, he didnt feel aggrieved at all. On the contrary, he said that he had seen the scenery and picked up garbage along the way. He was very happy to do something for Tibet.

To tell you the truth, such a little Cai is worth swiping the screen!

But, originally very good thing, also did not know stepped on whose tail.

Someone opened his mouth and said, its all out to enjoy. What kind of person do you pretend to be?

uff1fuff1fuff1f Its 2020. People talk about people. Hasnt this standard been popularized yet?

Travel, is to give you a chance to adjust yourself and improve yourself, not to give you a chance to be a master.

Because its not your own territory, can you just run wild?

This is how the gap between people comes about.


Frankly speaking, after seeing Xiao Cais report, I admired him, but when I saw the pictures and figures, I couldnt help but feel a little cluttered in my heart.

All over the place, not dozens of bags, but more than 500 bags!

The holy place in the dream was dirty by our own hands.

However, is this a good thing for Tibet to earn but not to lose?

Its not.

According to incomplete statistics, more than 200 tons of garbage are cleaned up in one year in the holy lake scenic area of Gangrenboqi. The pilgrimage road is full of garbage.

The Sichuan Tibet line G318 has also changed.

White garbage in the green grassland, especially dazzling.

The repeated mistakes in Tibet were eventually wrongly paid.

What can be seen is all kinds of garbage floating on the water surface, but what cant be seen is the garbage at the bottom and the pollution to the water quality.

Sanitary napkins are used as insoles and can be thrown away when they are used up.

Condom is used as shoe cover, and you are afraid of being dirty when you close it?

If you come to Tibet for a visit, there will be no garbage you cant see.

From food waste to family planning supplies to household appliances

In Xiao Cais report, I saw a netizen saying, dont those people who litter feel ashamed?

Having said that, if we use the bottom line of our life to ask all people, there will be no bad people in the world.

Looking at the beautiful scenery of Tibet, I cant help but sigh: Tibet, wait for me.

But for some people, I cant help but say:

Tibet is not waiting for you, please dont come!

One of the funniest words Ive seen is: conquering Mount Everest is something that can be blown for a lifetime.

Although climbing Mount Everest is a manifestation of personal value, others have no right to interfere.

But how? Courage is good, but not for most people.

I thought this was a challenge for the brave, but I didnt think it had developed into an industrial chain that would fight for life with real gold and silver.

Climbing Mount Everest has become a craze among the rich.

Bungee jumping, skydiving and golf are all bronze games. They cant satisfy them to boast. Therefore, Mount Everest is chosen by them.

If there is a demand, there will be a market. When you come to the foot of Mount Everest, you will find a large number of tents. The function of tents is to provide people who come to climb Mount Everest.

It is obviously impossible for ordinary people to spend several years wages to climb Mount Everest. But for some people, it is worth spending hundreds of thousands to conquer the worlds highest peak!

As a result, every year there are challengers coming from all over the world, squeezing their heads to pay.

This has brought huge business opportunities to Tibet, but it has also overburdened the fragile natural environment.

Mount Everest announced

At that time, the world was shocked when the news came out, but the news was not sudden at all.

Because, as many people line up to the summit, there are many people who are making garbage to the top of the world.

Mountaineers often come in a hurry and leave in a hurry, digging a hole like primitive people to solve personal problems on the spot.

As a result, about 12 tons of excrement were buried on this sacred mountain.

Climbing Mount Everest is a protracted battle, and daily necessities are carried out on the mountain. It is obviously unrealistic to carry the garbage with you. Therefore, it is not surprising to throw away the garbage.

If it can be moved down, it will be dehydrated slowly after pouring into the tunnel. It will take years to decompose them.

If it cant be moved down, it can only be burned on the spot. Originally, Mount Qomolangma, which is thin in oxygen, is swimming on the edge of suffocation.

In order to protect your home, you can only follow the climber behind, you throw me to pick up.

They were cornered.

Think that conquering the worlds highest peak equals conquering the whole world?

The last time I thought it was so funny, I saw the saying when ants climb on top of people, they think they trample on human beings.

People, when can understand that it is not you who conquered Mount Everest, but Everest has accepted you.


In the past two days, we also saw a piece of news:

Huashan sanitation workers pick up garbage on a 70 degree steep slope, and it takes nearly 2 hours to transport them down the mountain in a basket.

Master he is a cleaner who has worked here for ten years.

He said that even if he is familiar with the place, he still needs to be highly concentrated when picking up garbage every day, because if he is not careful, tragedy will happen.

According to the official data, the height of Huashan Mountain is 2154 meters, and the gradient of the steps is basically 70 degrees, even 90 degrees in some places.

Its difficult to stand on a steep slope of 70 degrees, not to mention 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground.

In this case, we still have to finish the work of picking up garbage. We dare not even think about it.

Sometimes, if there is rubbish under the cliff, we will hang it down with a rope to pick it up.

It is also because of the difficult working environment, a trip does not dare to load too much garbage, will have to turn back.

These two hours need to be focused every minute. At the same time, it is also a physical test.

This reminds me of a picture of a sanitation worker I once saw.

The two lines on the back are too painful

My heart is broken when I see you throw it around!

Some people say that they are sanitation workers, and this is their job.

Their existence is for the environmental sanitation of the city, the country and even the earth, not to wipe the buttocks of these giant babies!

You throw it in front, they pick it up behind you.

Is it the basic principle of being a man or a virtue to be boastful of?


If quality is a hard condition for travel, many people may lose their qualification to travel.

Why do you say that?

Do you dare to think that someone will wash the car in Erhai Lake?

Erhai car washing is not an exception, even if it is a fine of 2000, this kind of thing still happens frequently.

Can you imagine that someone goes to the zoo just to feed the animals with plastic bags?

In a zoo in Jiangxi Province, a man defied the rules and forced him to feed the hippopotamus by throwing a plastic bag into his mouth.

Do you dare to think that some people who have money to go abroad are not willing to take their faces?

After Chinese tourists left the Korean airport, it was a mess.

Every flower and grass is a landscape, and every word and deed must be civilized.

The quality problem is based on environmental problems. However, some people think that the punishment that can be solved with money is light.

Rigid regulations can only play a restrictive role.

The genuine civilization still depends on individuals.

Youre all adults. Dont let the law teach you to be a man.