Students get together for 1000 yuan per capita, which is boycotted by girls: why should boys share the money for smoking and drinking?

 Students get together for 1000 yuan per capita, which is boycotted by girls: why should boys share the money for smoking and drinking?

After three rounds of drinking, the atmosphere was quite harmonious and casual at first. The atmosphere was broken by alcohol. People who showed off their wealth, boasted and boasted, and began to sell in wechat businesses. Business people surrounded the officials and students to offer hospitality. Those who asked for help around hospitals, schools, police stations and other units toasted. After drinking a few glasses of wine with his two classmates, Linzi went out to smoke, out of sight and out of mind.

More than 30 students spent more than 30000 yuan, 1000 yuan per capita. The monitor called on everyone to make a system. A girl quit and took the lead to yell. We didnt eat any high-end food. Why is it so expensive? The waiter explained that the drinks and cigarettes were expensive. You ordered Wuliangye and Zhonghua cigarettes. Half of the students are girls, and they all quit. You boys are really good. Its really interesting for us to have such expensive wine and smoke so good cigarettes at the classmate party. We girls didnt drink or smoke. Why should we share the 1000 yuan?

Just when there was a lot of noise in the private room, another waiter came in and said, please dont make any noise. Just now a classmate has already swiped his card and left. The huge room was suddenly quiet, only the sound of the clock ticking on the wall was heard. Lao Luo quickly asked the waiter, who paid the bill? The waiter said that it was Mr. Lin who was sitting in that seat. He settled the bill and rode away. Everyone looked at each other, and suddenly a girl exclaimed. I remembered that Linzi was wearing a Patek Philippe, which seemed to be worth millions. At that time, I thought he was wearing a fake watch. Oh, I knew he was doing so well. I just added him wechat. She subconsciously opened the mobile phone, quietly put it down, sighed, Linzi has retired.

Do you think that you should share the money for drinking and smoking when girls dont drink or smoke at school parties?

When people are middle-aged, some people are looking forward to the students party, and some will not attend the students party any more. There are six main reasons why more and more people are not willing to attend the classmate party

u30101u3011 See through the essence and start subtracting. Students get together to show off their wealth, power and happiness. Compared with their positions, husbands and children, they feel uncomfortable. The more we live, the more we understand. We begin to simplify our ineffective social intercourse. We dont need to brush our sense of existence in front of others. We dont expect others to help us. We can live our own lives well. Our family is happy and our heart is full. It is better than anything outside.

u30103u3011 Those who have positions should consciously reduce the negative effects. Many of the students who mix well are in the system, and the internal constraints are more and more strict. Students and fellow villagers gatherings have a large scale of speech and open-minded behavior. If they are not well grasped, they will not have a good influence. It is better not to go than to prevent.

u30104u3011 If you try not to please, why bother yourself. Some of the students who love to hold parties complain about how to do it. When they pay money, they are said to be showy, and when they try their best, they are said to be brave and kind-hearted. Some students are not in a good mood. When they see the students who are good at mixing, they like to be sarcastic. The students who invite parties are also sarcastic and profitable.

u30105u3011 Busy with my career, I dont have time to attend. Nowadays, there is more and more competitive pressure in the workplace. If you dont advance, you will retreat. If you dont learn, you will not be promoted. It is easy to be eliminated. In particular, students in big cities are also under great pressure. Unlike those students in their hometown and small town who are free, they take advantage of holidays to learn to recharge their batteries and are busy with their careers. They are not willing to waste their time attending boring parties.

u30106u3011 The circle has changed and we have parted ways. Birds of a feather flock together. When young and ignorant students step into the society, they naturally look for their own positioning and circle. The society is very realistic, everyone is very material, everywhere is the exchange of resources. If you have a good relationship, you may continue to get together. If you have a long relationship, you are not likely to suddenly become a good friend. It is not a circle. There is no need for strong integration. If the resources are not in place, everything will be wasted.