The Red Devils are willing to pay 200000 a week to join Manchester United in 24 hours

 The Red Devils are willing to pay 200000 a week to join Manchester United in 24 hours

According to the sun, Cavani left Paris St Germain on his own free will, and the news of his transfer to Manchester United is true. The medical examination will be conducted today and the transfer will be completed on the evening of October 4 local time, which means that the official announcement will be made within 24 hours after the medical examination. Cavanis brother, also his agent, confirmed the authenticity of the transfer in an interview with the media, its true, we have reached an agreement.

British media say it is not sure how many years his contract with Manchester United will last, but the initial plan is one year, but the club may extend it for another year. That is to say, Cavani is likely to sign a two-year contract and his weekly salary at Manchester United will reach 200000 pounds.

As for Cavani, who will receive 200000 pounds a week, British media said Manchester Uniteds CEO Woodward is ready to offer the veteran a two-year contract. This risky transfer will make the Red Devils pay a total of 20.8 million pounds during the contract period. Although Cavani is a high paid player, his salary is not the best in Manchester United, with de GEA earning 375000 a week.

Even though he thinks United need Cavani and believes that Cavani can adapt to Manchester United, Giggs does not forget to remind Cavani that his South American predecessors are acclimatized at Old Trafford. Falcao, Di Maria and Sanchez, these South American players have not achieved success, but unlike them, Cavani is more efficient, so it is worth our more expectation.

Cavani has played 301 times for Paris, contributing 200 goals. In terms of national team, Cavani played 116 times for Uruguay national team and scored 50 goals, which can also be regarded as an efficient shooter. On October 5, the transfer window of the Premier League was closed. According to the news released by the British media, as long as Cavani passes the medical examination, he will join the Red Devils United before the transfer window closes.