Zhao Weis rumor: her boyfriends face is exposed. She looks ordinary, and she has a party with beautiful women at night

 Zhao Weis rumor: her boyfriends face is exposed. She looks ordinary, and she has a party with beautiful women at night

The two sat at the table chatting, chatting and laughing all the way, and the atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant, like very familiar friends. Take a closer look at Ke Yumings skin is very white, but the appearance is very ordinary, not a handsome boy level.

Recently, Zhao Wei was exposed to be shopping with the rich second-generation photographer, and they even suspected to have lived together. Before that, Zhao Wei was reported to have divorced Huang Youlong, but he has not publicly admitted it. Now that she is reported to have a new love, it makes countless friends curious, but Zhao Weifang still hasnt made any response.

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Whats new? Zhao Wei and mysterious man go shopping in supermarket and suspect cohabitation (source: original)

On the 28th, the gossip media released a picture of Zhao Wei having dinner with Ke Yuming, a second-generation rich man. After the two returned to their homes, they were suspected to be in love.

Until more than 6 oclock, Zhao Wei comes out of the building and stands Zhao Weis rumored boyfriend Ke Yuming, both with coffee in their hands. Zhao Wei gets on Ke Yumings car directly. She pulls down her mask and lights a cigarette. After smoking, Ke Yuming drives and the two go to a food store for dinner.

It is reported that Ke Yuming, a man who dated Zhao Wei, whose mother is a well-known entrepreneur in the field of biotechnology, has more than 20 industries under his name, and Ke Yuming is also an executive in his mothers company. However, Ke Yumings identity as a photographer is a director. Ke Yumings personal micro blog is full of materials about Zhao Wei.

In addition, on September 28, some netizens ran into Zhao Wei in a bar in Ningbo. On that day, Zhao Wei was wearing a plaid jacket and her hair was braided in braids. Her dress was very low-key. Zhao Wei, who is filming, has a serious expression. She stares at the front and gives guidance. According to fans, Zhao Wei should be shooting actor please be in position 2.

It is reported that in 2008, Zhao Wei and businessman Huang Youlong contacted, the same year, they registered for marriage. On April 11, 2010, Zhao Wei gave birth to a daughter by caesarean section at Yingge hospital in Singapore. Her name is Huang Xin and her nickname is Xiao April. Previously, some netizens found that Zhao Weis social account deleted all photos of her husband Huang Youlong, triggering rumors of marital change.

On July 4, Zhao Weis studio published an article: Im too tired to catch the wind, eat melons carefully, and work hard, refuting rumors about Zhao Wei and Huang Youlongs divorce.

It is reported that the actor fan Lin Lin was Zhao Weis first love, but later fan Lin Lin sued Zhao Wei to court, and the two became enemies. In 1999, Zhao Weis love affair with Ye Maoqing, a wealthy businessman, came to an end after her four-year relationship ended because she had little time to get together. In 2004, it was revealed that Zhao Wei was traveling with Wang Yu, one of the four little boys in Beijing, and it was also reported that Wang Yu slapped Zhao Wei in public. In 2005, Zhao Wei and Wang Liqin fell in love with each other. Finally, they were opposed by their male parents and broke up. In 2008, Zhao Wei and Huang Youlong got acquainted and got married one year later.

Zhao Weis first appearance in a bar with braided braids after being exposed to live with the rich second generation? After exposing Zhao Wei and Ke Yus famous food, she went back to her wifes house to suspect Zhao Weis new love identity, and exposed the rich second generation photographers mothers many companies? Zhao Wei suspects that you have a new lover and a mysterious man who is walking in the supermarket and living together. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Han Chong_ NBJ11345