The 79 year old empress dowager is indeed the godmother of punk

 The 79 year old empress dowager is indeed the godmother of punk

The designer Andreas kronthaler has completed the design of the whole series before the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. Although the scale of the series is not large, it is closely related to the existence of human beings, presenting the designers vision for the future.

This season includes tight skirts with red and white plaid patterns, off the shoulder skirt with the design of a rice flag, and banana Pants Set with mini crutches. Rugby style overcoat with exaggerated shoulder pads, khaki Linen Skirt and sky blue oversize shirt for men and women, the shirt can also be worn alone as a dress. The emerald Moore pattern appears like a rotating watermark in the corset; the delicate tea dress is decorated with flowers, and the silk waist skirt with mint green shows a free and uninhibited punk style.

Of course, the drooping design and asymmetric tailoring used by the Empress Dowager are still online, with a bit more pragmatism. Exaggerated makeup and iconic street style design have brought us many surprises.

The rebellious designer is nearly 80 years old, but still full of vitality. You like the viviennevwest wood with unique design style?

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