New Jeep guidebook to be released next year

 New Jeep guidebook to be released next year

Perhaps the front grille of the new car will be designed in the style of the front grille, which will be further enlarged by the design of the front grille of the new car.

The tail lamp styling will also change to a certain extent, and the lower bumper will also have certain changes in order to be different from the current model.

In terms of power, it is expected that the new Jeep guider will also carry a 1.3t engine. However, the overseas version of the 1.3t engine is divided into high and low power versions, with the maximum power of 130 HP or 180 HP, while the domestic version only has 173 HP. At the same time, 4xe plug-in hybrid version will continue to be launched. The four-wheel drive plug-in hybrid system is composed of a 1.3t four cylinder engine, drive motor and battery. The comprehensive power can reach 190 HP or 240 HP, and the pure electric driving range can reach 50km.


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