Whats up? Xiao Yaxuans sudden article: dont give sympathy without forgetting the original intention

 Whats up? Xiao Yaxuans sudden article: dont give sympathy without forgetting the original intention

On September 29, according to the latest report of Taiwan media, Xiao Yaxuan and her little boyfriend Huang Hao rarely go out on the street to have a dinner with friends. Xiao Yaxuan in the picture shows a pair of beautiful legs in a white loose T-shirt and short hot pants. Although it is plain, she is still charming and moving. Her boyfriend Huang Hao looks tall and handsome, which is very eye-catching. Xiao Yaxuan small bird Yiren standing beside her boyfriend, two people look very loving and sweet.

Xiao Yaxuan and her 16-year-old boyfriend Huang Hao have been in love for three years. Although they are not favored, they are still very high-profile. They have also been on a talk show together to show their love.

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When asked whether they have plans to get married in the future, Xiao Yaxuan responded: its very stable now, not short of a piece of paper! Safe and healthy life is more important than anything. As can be seen from her words, there is no marriage plan at present.

On July 28, Xiao Yaxuan suddenly revealed to his fans that there are big things to happen in my life and said its not a good thing, which triggered heated discussion among netizens. Netizens have speculated that her abnormality is related to her feelings, suspected to have broken down with her boyfriend, and some netizens said that she had the intention to quit the music world. However, after that, Xiao Yaxuan aired the details of the album shooting, and the big event suspected that the album was released, so the fans could rest assured.

Xiao Yaxuan and Huang Hao have been in love for three years. In August 2019, Xiao Yaxuan made public their love affair. At that time, Taiwan media revealed that they had been photographed together for the night three years ago. In the low tide of Xiao Yaxuans life, Huang Hao was always with her and took care of her. Their relationship was very stable, and they had been on the variety show together and showed great love.