Six in one man online looking for someone to locate his wife who ran away from home

 Six in one man online looking for someone to locate his wife who ran away from home

Later, the other party introduced him to a cloud positioning software, saying that 2800 yuan to buy this software, you can always use it to get other peoples positioning at any time. Mr. Guo was attracted by the software. He did not hesitate to pay 2800 yuan for the software and 1380 yuan for the software authorization code. However, he still could not use the cloud positioning app after inputting the authorization code. The other side told him that it was a bit slow to use for the first time, so try again later. But an hour later, it still cant be used. The customer service said that if it cant be used all the time, he will return the money when he goes to work on Monday.

Mr. Guo was still in a hurry when the software couldnt be used and his wife was not found. The other party said that he could get the track of his wifes actions in the past two days. In a hurry, he paid another 500 yuan and 700 yuan. As soon as the other party sent him two positions, Mr. Guos uncle called to tell him that Ms. Tang is now in Jiangning. Only then did Mr. Guo find out that he had been cheated and had no news from the other party, so he immediately called the police.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }What do you think of Mr. Guos eagerness to find his wife before he is cheated? Welcome to leave a message to tell us ~ correspondent Liugong xuanliuhe online collation and release, reprint must indicate the source. Source: Liuhe online editor: he Yufang_ NN5632

When people are looking for people

Dont believe false information that doesnt come from reliable sources on the Internet

Avoid property damage

We should try our best to provide relevant information about the perpetrator of the case

To provide information support for the next step of police investigation and detection

Mr. Guo is eager to find his wife

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