Turn over on dizziness, Shenzhen female white-collar workers get strange disease! Young people are easy to win

 Turn over on dizziness, Shenzhen female white-collar workers get strange disease! Young people are easy to win

All of a sudden, all of a sudden, the scum turned to be dizzy and dizzy in the ceiling.

She stumbled into the toilet and vomited, feeling better. But did not have time to understand how to return a responsibility, the head a shake, dizziness again hit. This time, Xiao Lius heart is cold... What kind of cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis and other diseases float on the heart, the more you think, the more afraid you are, the more dizzy you will feel

I have to go to the hospital! But I cant walk now. How can I deal with it? For the first time, I felt so helpless. Helpless, Liu had to knock on the door of the neighbor, a nose a tear to ask him to take himself to the hospital. Little brother also immediately responded to come over, with the little Liu horse to the hospital.

When we came to the hospital, the neighbors helped to hang up. After describing a series of symptoms with the doctor, Xiao Lius heart was bitter to no avail. When she was ready to greet the result with a long sigh of relief, the doctor took off her eyelids, observed for a while, and said softly, dont worry, ha, its nothing serious. Your symptoms are typical of otolith.

Xiao Lius face is muddled, otolith? Can you grow a stone in your ear? Anyway, she is also a person with a little medical knowledge. How can she not know this disease?

Unexpectedly, Xiao Liu dropped a popular science article to the working group yesterday, and found that many colleagues had the same experience with himself.

As it turns out, there are more things she doesnt know

According to the doctor, our ears are not only a master of hearing, but also a master of balance. The structures that play an important role are the balloon and the ellipsoid. There is a layer of otolith membrane on their cysts, on which is attached a kind of calcium carbonate crystal which is specially used to sense the change of center of gravity and speed. It is shaped like a stone and is called otolith.

But these stones sometimes run away from home for some reason, falling off the otolith membrane and falling into the semicircular canal next to the oval sac.

When we change the posture of the head, the otolith rolls in the lymph of the semicircular canal due to gravity, resulting in acceleration, which can lead to vertigo and nystagmus. When the posture remains unchanged or the head is relatively stationary, the otolith will fall to the lowest point with the effect of gravity, and the vertigo will disappear, which is called otolith disease.

Theres another one with otolith

It can make people understand the nature of the disease in seconds

A kind of

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

The so-called benign means that the disease is a good citizen and will not hurt peoples lives.

The so-called positional, refers to its onset pay attention to position, which is related to the otolith falling semicircular canal (peoples left and right ears have three semicircular canals) and the position difference in the semicircular canal. For example, some people get dizzy when they get up and lie down, while some people just turn over on the bed, lower their heads or raise their heads to induce vertigo.

Young people become one of the high incidence groups

Generally speaking, the peak age of otolith is 40-60 years old. But incidence rate incidence rate long time, and mobile phone and work are increasing. The incidence rate of otoliths is as high as 10.7-600/10 million. The lifetime prevalence rate is about 2.4%. Especially young people have become one of the high incidence groups. This may be related to the potential vascular mechanism.

Now young people, long-term under pressure, poor sleep, excessive fatigue, may be because of these bad living conditions, the arterioles of the inner ear spasm, ischemia and other conditions, leading to the occurrence of otolith.

The main treatment of otolith is manual reduction

If it is dizziness caused by otolith, when dizziness occurs, you should keep walking on the premise that you dont fall down, and you cant lie down or sit and rest. Because the balance of the inner ear has been broken, only through constant exercise can it be restored to its original state. At this time, the patient needs to overcome the fear and the sense of weightlessness and continue to exercise.

More professional reset method

Simple reset that you can do yourself

After reduction, the effect can be achieved in a few minutes. The cure rate of the first reduction is more than 78%!

Although multiple reduction may be required for multiple semicircular canal involvement at the same time, there are few cases that can not be solved by manual reduction. If its not done once, it doesnt matter to do it again.

However, this vertigo is good, but can not be taken lightly, the recurrence rate of the disease is generally 20-30%, the elderly can be as high as 51%. In case of such a situation, do not panic, keep the head still, and go to the hospital in time to find a doctor to do a reset!

There is also a disease very similar to otolith

Many people mistake otolith for Menieres syndrome. When they suddenly attack, their symptoms are almost the same: whirling, nausea and vomiting, weakness, palpitation and sweating

If its just vertigo and nausea and vomiting caused by it, its otolith. If its accompanied by tinnitus, deafness and fullness in the inner ear, its Meniere.

Compared with meineill, we should be lucky to have otolith.

be careful!

Menieres syndrome has an intermittent period

Menieres syndrome is a kind of idiopathic inner ear disease. The patient will have recurrent rotating vertigo, fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus and ear tightness. Most of them are middle-aged and young people aged from 30 to 50 years old, and 10% - 50% of them have binaural diseases.

It has the following characteristics:


Love young and middle-aged people

Two thirds of patients with Menieres syndrome are young and middle-aged between 30 and 50 years old;


There are intervals between the onset of the disease


Come as you please

It can attack at any time, even after falling asleep.



No active treatment for Menieres syndrome

The pain of Menieres syndrome is very difficult for ordinary people to accept. During the attack period, it may lead to unstable walking and falling, and may lead to long-term bed rest activities unable to take care of themselves, affecting the daily life and work of patients. If not treated in time, it is easy to cause headache dementia, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, hemiplegia, stroke, hemiplegia, and even sudden death in middle-aged and elderly patients. Multiple attacks can also affect the cerebrovascular regulation function and cerebral microcirculation, thus aggravating the cerebral blood supply insufficiency and inducing cerebral infarction.

In addition to rotation, vomiting and unbearable pain of patients during the attack period, Meniere syndrome can also damage the organs of labyrinth, vestibule and cochlea, cause the death of cochlear hair cells and loss of vestibular function, and cause deafness and ataxia.

In addition, patients will cause increased mental pressure, people gradually produce depression, pit side, well side, crossing the road, tourism, mountaineering and other normal activities, due to fear of sudden onset of Menieres syndrome, all become dangerous activities.

Patients with Menieres syndrome must be treated systematically, otherwise it will aggravate the symptoms, increase the frequency of attacks, and shorten the interval between attacks, and even may be in a state of vertigo for a long time.

In addition, bad mood can lead to hyperactivity of liver yang or internal movement of liver wind, and induce vertigo. Therefore, vertigo patients should establish a good attitude, broad-minded, optimistic spirit, do not worry too much about depression, participate in recreational activities, which is very important to prevent vertigo attacks and reduce the number of attacks.

Vertigo attack stage

Dizziness attack period, diet should be light, try to reduce the intake of salt, eat less and more meals. Recurrent vertigo and chronic dizziness patients, especially suitable for the use of traditional Chinese medicine diet to prevent attacks, conditioning constitution.

Crucian carp and wax gourd soup

Indications: Menieres disease or other vertigo attack, whirling, but vomiting is not severe, can eat.

Huangqi Danggui Wuji Decoction

Indications: chronic dizziness, dizziness, pale complexion, fatigue, sweating, shortness of breath, aggravated after activity.

Gastrodia elata turtle soup

Indications: often dizzy, dizzy, with dry mouth, thirst, night sweats, hands and feet heart heat, upset, blood pressure is not low.


(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Gastrodia elata 9 g, Uncaria 20 g, chrysanthemum 9 g, a little rock sugar (diabetes do not need rock sugar). Boil water for tea. Indications: dizziness, headache or swelling, red complexion, irritability, or hypertension. 05 Tianma yam, barley porridge, yam 50g, jobs tears 20g, Tianma powder 9g, rice 50g. Add some water to cook porridge. Heavy tongue, heavy body, dizziness. Good mentality also affects the health of the body, reduce blood pressure and reduce the burden for the body! ***Have you ever experienced vertigo? The message area to talk about this article source: Guangdong Health Commission responsible editor: he Yufang_ NN5632

Gastrodia elata 9 g, Uncaria 20 g, chrysanthemum 9 g, a little rock sugar (diabetes do not need rock sugar). Boil water for tea.

Indications: dizziness, headache or swelling, red complexion, irritability, or hypertension.


Tianma yam and barley porridge

Yam 50 g, jobs tears 20 g, Gastrodia elata powder 9 g, rice 50 G. Add some water to cook porridge.

Heavy tongue, heavy body, dizziness.

Good attitude

It also affects the health of the body

Lower your blood pressure more

Also for the body to reduce the burden!

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