Shaoyang a man just bought the Audi on the water!

 Shaoyang a man just bought the Audi on the water!

Put dry paper towel and wet instantly

On September 16, Mr. Zheng of Shaoyang bought an Audi A4L car in Hunan Huayang Aotong 4S store. After only 10 days of use, Mr. Zheng found that the skylight of the car was leaking. He was worried that this problem would affect the safe operation of the vehicle.

What Mr. Zheng said was not to use a footwell, but the Audi A4L, which had not yet been installed with a license plate. On September 16, he bought it at Hunan Huayang Aotong 4S store for 336000.

In the photos taken by Mr. Zheng with his mobile phone, the reporter saw that obvious water stains could be seen on the doors and footmats of his front and passenger seats. Mr. Zheng said that when the water leaked, the water was not small.

At the scene, Mr. Zheng lifted up the foot pad of the co pilots seat, which could not be seen from the surface. However, Mr. Zheng put a clean paper towel on it, and the tissue immediately became wet.

After finding the problem, Mr. Zheng took the car to the local Audi 4S store in Shaoyang for inspection, confirming that there was water leakage in the sunroof. Because he was dissatisfied with the solution given by the local 4S store, today, he specially arrived at Changsha Huayang Aotong 4S store from Shaoyang.


Field watering test by technicians

Not meeting the conditions for changing trains

Huayang Aotong is willing to compensate for maintenance

Due to no rain today, in Hunan Huayang Aotong 4S store, the relevant responsible person and reporter did not see the skylight leakage. Therefore, the 4S store said that Mr. Zhengs car was inspected on site and the solution would be negotiated after the problem was confirmed.

After the technicians on-site inspection and watering test, it was confirmed that the skylight was leaking. In this regard, the after-sales service director of Hunan Huayang Aotong 4S store gave such a statement.

In response to Mr. Zhengs request for a car change, the 4S store said that according to the provisions of the vehicle three guarantees law, the water leakage of the skylight could not meet the conditions for the replacement, so it could only be repaired.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Considering that Mr. Zheng has a short time to buy a car, Hunan Huayang Aotong 4S store said it would compensate Mr. Zheng. This article source: Hunan city editor in charge: Hua Chengyu_ NBJ11143