Zhang Zhizhi Liu Yang: you are no longer your former self. Why cant this marriage continue?

 Zhang Zhizhi Liu Yang: you are no longer your former self. Why cant this marriage continue?


Zhang Zhizhi is waiting for Liu Yang to change his mind with a blooming flower. From her mother-in-law forced Zhang Zhizhi to take medicine to give birth to a second child, and then Liu Yang lived with a third party. Zhang Zhizhi has always been a patient attitude, either imploring this or that. She knew very well that she was in a really bad situation. Her familys economic situation is her biggest internal and external troubles. Together with such an unsuccessful husband, Zhang Zhizhi is already exhausted. Without Wei Yayun, Zhang Zhizhi might have given himself various reasons. However, the other side is threatening to drive Zhang Zhizhi crazy.


Some netizens were very enthusiastic and cited Liu Yangs n crimes: criticizing, belittling, disgusting, cheating, and domestic violence against Zhang Zhizhi. In short, they were trying their best to be a scum man. Even before divorce, he went to live with Wei Yayun. Dont say to respect the wife who is so busy for the family that he looks down on Zhang Zhizhi. If Zhang Zhizhi is a burden to him, it is estimated that Liu Yang will also nod to admit. But Liu Yang didnt look at himself. If you dont have that ability, I think its glamorous. Wei Yayun was playing around and around, and he didnt know how many pounds he ran to live together.

Youll have to pay it back sooner or later. Liu Yang was admitted to the hospital because of his illness. Liu Yang finally knew who was the most important person and what was the most important thing. But now, its Zhang Zhizhis turn as if he had figured out everything overnight. No, no, no, you dont know what she went through. The ladies group, which had worked hard for several times, did not play any role at all. In order to flatter them, Zhang Zhizhi was finally pushed out to vent his anger. Liu Yang doesnt care about these things. Zhang Zhizhi cant find a sense of security, and even has no interest in fighting together. To put it bluntly, I dont love you anymore.

Zhang Zhiwei said, I dont want to know about this woman anymore. Zhang Zhizhi has sacrificed too much for this family. This is willingly, yes, can we get Liu Yangs understanding? No, Its not worth it, even if I was so happy. Liu Yang is full of confidence in front of her, but she only talks about the qualification of her daughter in front of Liu Yang. Zhang Zhizhi is not good to herself at all, and Liu Yang is even more mean to her. Liu Yang, unwilling to divorce, said, Im not what I used to be.

These two people are really funny. Zhang Zhizhi said, I am no longer the former Zhang Zhizhi; Liu Yang said, I am no longer the former Liu Yang.. So, who was married in the first place? Zhang Zhizhi learned from his bitter experience in such a change of face; Liu Yang was the so-called comeback. Zhang Zhizhi and Liu Yang used to be together, and their marriage was too bad. Not before, its going to be better. But in the end, the two were divorced. What does that mean? Marriage is like playing chess. If you make a mistake, you will lose everything. Therefore, marriage is not easy and must be maintained by heart.