Lang Pings daughter: from hope mother to find a job in McDonalds to play Lang Ping when she was young

 Lang Pings daughter: from hope mother to find a job in McDonalds to play Lang Ping when she was young

In particular, the part of the 1980s - the green walls, the red training clothes, the glimmer and dust in the training hall, make people miss that green and ignorant age.

I remember the first time I watched the womens volleyball team compete with the Japanese team. I was very young. I sat in a chair and couldnt touch my feet. I listened to my uncles and aunts repeatedly saying: motherland.

No adaptation at all, lack of dramatic conflict.

Lets make more adaptations. The real people wont do it.

Yu Yans old friend Shi Hang also said that there were many helpless compromises in the shooting.

Before that, Chen Kexin directed China partner as well.

The movie social network, which is based on the founder of Facebook, adapts facts and characters even more. Zuckerberg doesnt take it seriously and laughs it off.

However, what China partner and social network reflect are small circle affairs.

Womens volleyball team is carrying the common memory of the people of our country, involving many people, institutions and relationships, which determines that the space for creation is relatively small.

Previously, Chen Zhonghe, the former coach of womens volleyball team, suspected that he was dissatisfied with the plot of the film and asked to delete all scenes related to himself.

The reason may be that Chen Kexin added some exaggeration to the dramatic effect, which made coach Chen resentful.

He had always been modest. He broke out in emotion and ate chicken legs after grabbing chicken legs. He completed the psychological transformation from I cant to I can do it. Later, he was promoted from accompany training to head coach and led the girls to win gold medals in Athens.

Coach Chen himself is a serious man. His values are unity and struggle, not for fame and wealth, the motherland is supreme, and he can not accept the rules of commercial operation.

No one is wrong with this matter. Everyone stands at different angles.

Coach Chen in the movie is played by Peng Yuchang and Huang Bo. Now I dare not look at Peng Peng directly. I really look more like Huang Bo. Whats the matter

Lets talk about the movie itself.

Three stories.

At that time, China was full of waste, and everyone wanted to win once. Excited people rushed to the streets to celebrate the victory.

The second stage is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The Chinese team failed Lang Pings American team and won the second place.

Lang Ping, who won the Chinese team, was under great pressure and was accused of being unpatriotic by some public opinions.

The team led by Lang Ping was stumbling all the way.

Against the powerful Brazilian team, the Jedi fought back and pointed to gold medals.

Chen Kexin is about the spirit of womens Volleyball in different times, from the earliest fight for the country, only bleeding without tears, to now fighting for interest and pursuing personal will.

Maybe its the childhood filter that Yu Yans favorite part is still in the 1980s.

Let people miss that naive age.

Yu Yans sister ran to Gong Li when she saw winning the championship. Unexpectedly, she found that the biggest surprise was not Gong Huang, but Lang Pings daughter Bai Lang.

This who ah, looks too much like Lang Ping, even mouth and teeth are the same, the head is still so high.

My best friend stares at me

You dont know about Lang Pings daughter?

Lang Pings daughter, Bai Lang, is 1.89 meters tall, 5 centimeters taller than her mother

Lang Pings daughter, Bai Lang, is 28 years old.

White wave, born and raised in the United States, is a typical ABC -- plump and healthy, with a wheat complexion, warm and sincere, cheerful and optimistic, and a big white tooth.

At first glance, it makes people like it and thinks this girl is really nice.

The camera shot of squatting with a 100 kg weight-bearing makes the white wave cry out. After standing up, he laughs and cries, which makes people moved

Under Chen Kexins persuasion, Bai Lang agreed to play Lang Ping and lost 30 jin.

It turns out that director Chen has a good eye and is good at training actors.

You can see from the interview that Bai Lang is a very sunny ABC girl

At that time, Lang Ping had no idea about marriage. Later she said:

Lang Ping is a straightforward and simple man.

After her retirement, she did not take an official career, but went to the United States to study at her own expense.

At that time, Chinas sports industry was not commercialized, and the famous athletes were still poor.

While studying, Lang Ping worked as a part-time coach of the school team to earn tuition fees.

According to the foreign students at that time, they often saw Lang Ping and his wife running hand in hand, and their relationship was very good.

In 1995, when her daughter Bai Lang was 2.5 years old, Lang Ping divorced Bai fan.

The former couple are tight lipped about the reasons for their divorce.

Because Lang Ping wanted to return to China to teach, her daughter was raised by her ex husband.

Bai fan has always said that she respects, thanks and appreciates Lang Ping, saying that she is a great woman.

In the face of repeated media questions about the reasons for divorce, Lang Pings answer was admirable

When two people divorce, it is inevitable that there will be personal emotions inside. I often face the camera and the media, but Bai fan has no such opportunity. If I say something about marriage, it is likely to be one-sided, which is unfair to the father of the child.

Sister Yuyan said that she was kind and generous to others. This is the best paragraph I have ever seen. Famous peoples answers about divorce.

Lang Ping, a girl played by Bai Lang, is really like her mother

Bai fan didnt remarry until her daughter graduated from high school.

This father is great.

When Lang Ping was in charge of the American womens volleyball team, Bai fan often took her daughter to watch the match.

The two people have been communicating and are very good friends.

Yu Yan said that maybe some people can only be friends, not husband and wife.

After 15 years of divorce, Bai fan remarried and gave birth to a boy. He has a good relationship with Bai Lang

When the white wave was small, Lang Ping taught in China. At that time, his salary was not high, and he could not return to the United States often.

The daughter didnt quite understand what her mother was running about. She once asked Lang Ping to find a job at McDonalds.

Perhaps because he knew the hardships of being an athlete, Lang Ping did not specially train his children to inherit his volleyball career.

In order not to put pressure on his daughter, Lang Ping never even told his children about his brilliant experience in volleyball.

Bai Lang liked football when she was in primary school. She liked playing basketball in junior high school. Her idol was Kobe. Later, because she had no advantage in the interior, Lang Pingcai suggested that she try volleyball.

This hit into the U.S. junior team, and later served as the main attack of the Stanford school team.

In 2005, the 13-year-old white wave was in adolescence.

At that time, white wave was the age of rebellion.

Growing up under American education, she always wanted human rights and privacy, leaving LANGPING at a loss.

Two people even did not speak at one time, preferring to write a note to convey information.

Fortunately, Lang Pings ex husband taught his daughter very well.

After the awkward period, Bai Lang is still the sunny girl.

Bai Lang went to the volleyball club for the first time. As soon as the coach saw Lang Ping, he ran over. Bai Lang was very curious: how can everyone know his mother.

This just found that mom seems to be very good.

Bai Lang is a happy child, and he always shouts with no miseries

And urged mom to find a boyfriend.

At first, Lang Ping did not adapt to this kind of naked expression, thinking it was just a childs pet phrase.

Later, she found that the child was very concerned about her response, so she also learned to express her feelings to the child, telling her daughter that she also loved her very much, and adding many too, too, too.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Baifan with white waves, did not miss every game of Lang Pings coaching.

Later, Bailang said to Lang Ping, youd better not listen to me to work in McDonalds. it seems a bit wasteful.

Lang Ping said that her daughter began to worship herself after her role in the title.

After making the film, white wave says --

Thanks to my mother for telling me a wonderful story when I was young.

Seeing this sentence, sister Yuyan is also about to cry. I also hope that the two sweetheart daughters of Datian Ertian in the future will think that I am very good.

A perfect life is to live according to ones will

In 2010, Bai fan remarried with a woman who worked in finance and had a son.

In 2016, Lang Ping married Mr. Wang Yucheng, doctoral director of the Academy of social sciences.

The three members of the family used to be in their own right and still have a good relationship.

Like all old mothers, Lang Ping would read fragmentary --

When Gong Lis Lang Ping tells the team before the game

The burden of the past is borne by our generation. You just enjoy sports and play happily. Let go and play.

This is your own game.

At that moment, sister Yu Yan shed tears.

What a great coach this is, or a coach who knows how to cherish the girls.

Winning the championship is a story inherited by two generations of women.

I like Lang Ping very much that the spirit of womens volleyball is unity and fraternity.

They are simple and sincere, and have not risen to grand values.

I wish Lang Ping happiness for those who can spend their whole life according to their wishes.

Whats more, she has such a lovely daughter.

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