Jin Dong, 44, has lived with Jiang Shan for five years and married Zhao Weis classmate?

 Jin Dong, 44, has lived with Jiang Shan for five years and married Zhao Weis classmate?

Jin Dong is a typical late-stage actor with big tools. After he became famous with the disguiser, he kept his usual low-key, and little was known about his private life.

In fact, before he became famous, Jin Dong had already married. Many people didnt know who his wife was, and he had two sons, and even his youngest son was three years old.

What more people dont know is that he also has a famous ex girlfriend, Jiang Shan.


It is estimated that young people will be very unfamiliar with the name Jiang Shan, but she is a goddess of many post-80s generation.

In 1994, the hit TV play Guo Ba Yi was Jiang Shans famous work. She was accompanied by Wang Zhiwen, an old dramatist who was also famous for this play. The theme song confused love is believed to be a few words sung by many post-80s.

Du Mei, played by Jiang Shan, is enthusiastic, unrestrained, shrewd and aggressive. She can tie her boyfriend up in all kinds of ways. She would like to go on the tiger stool and pour hot pepper water, but she is so charming that she can lift her heart and lungs, which makes people feel itchy. With this play, Jiang Shan became the goddess of the whole people and Jin Dong.

Jin Dong was admitted to the Central Academy of drama in 1999. Five years ago, Jiang Shan had already been a well-known female star. No one expected that the two people, who looked so different, would have emotional intersection one day after many years.

In 2006, two people met because of filming sad mother and son. Interestingly, they are a pair of mother and son teased by fate in the TV drama. After the work is over, the mother and son become lovers.

When she met Jin Dong, Jiang Shan had already divorced her ex husband Gao Shuguang. She was a single mother with her daughter. At that time, the social tolerance was not as high as it is now. When a single boy pursues a single mother, he will certainly encounter resistance from all aspects, including Jiang Shan himself.

She rejected Jin Dong many times and felt that the age gap between them was too big, especially that she had a daughter. However, Jin Dong was very persistent, and finally moved Jiang Shan. They had been lovers for five years.

However, Jiang Shans daughter has been opposed to her mothers love because she is worried about her mothers love being separated. Jin Dong has not had the courage to propose to Jiang Shan for five years because he is not famous. After a long time, the estrangement between the two became deeper and deeper. Finally, they had to regret breaking up. Jiang Shan took her daughter to the United States.


Jin Dongs wife is Li Jia. You may not be familiar with her name. When you see the picture, many people will suddenly realize, Oh, its her. Ive seen it on TV. Zhao Wei Tong Dawei starred in tiger mother, cat dad, the role of aunt is her role.

Li Jia had a brief marriage with Jin Dong before. Her ex husband was a rich businessman. After she married her ex husband, she gradually withdrew from the performing arts circle and occasionally appeared on the screen. She was also a guest role with few parts. Many people think that Li Jia quit the performing arts circle for Jin Dong, but its not sure.

After she married Jin Dong, she gave birth to two sons one after another. She disappeared completely on the screen. She helped her husband and children at home. She would often bask in her life and children on Weibo. She was no different from ordinary mothers like us.

The year of 2015 is a turning point for Jin Dongs performing career. The popularity of camouflager has directly sent him to the ranks of first-line actors. Because of his popularity, Jin Dongs plays will continue in the next few years, and he will see two or three of his works on TV every year.

The more famous, the busier. At an award ceremony, he once said that in three years, he stayed at home for no more than 15 days. The busier his career is, the more work his wife has to give at home.

Jin Dong seldom mentions his family members. He hopes to protect their privacy and let his wife and children live a peaceful life without disturbing them. He occasionally talks about it and laments that it is not easy for his wife to take care of his children, and the woman who is a mother is very great.

In recent years, Jindong has been criticized in many places. For example, Weibo likes to use traditional Chinese characters to compose poems and lyrics, and pretend to be a cultural person, or he has played a single role in recent years, and each role is like an old cadre who likes to preach.

However, no one can find his fault in his personal style, because he is really conscious.


In a society where infidelity is common and divorce is easier than marriage, there are not many women who dare to be full-time wives. However, after the birth of children, they should be accompanied and educated.

If one party is too busy, one side must make concessions. No matter how hard we struggle, the majority of women make concessions for the family, which is the mothers nature.

However, the happiness of a family is not only a womans concession, but also a mans contribution

1. Keep a sense of boundaries with the opposite sex

There are always endless topics in the private life of entertainment stars. For a moment, they use a straw with the opposite sex, while they talk about scripts with the opposite sex alone in the middle of the night, and when they are drunk, they cant help but beat the girls walls. In any case, whether its true or not, there are always some people who are willing to leave their pigtails to others.

Jin Dong is different. He doesnt even want to take a kiss. The TV series surgical storm once produced some flowers. Jin Dong had a kiss with Bai Baihe and finally got a kiss. As a result, because of equipment problems, he didnt shoot it, and Jin Dong was very angry.

After making up for three seconds of kissing, Jin Dong directly told the director group, in this play of kissing easily, youd better stay away from me in the future.

The co pilot is only for his wife. Dont add the wechat of the little sister and sister. If there is no crack on the egg, the fly will not bite.

Keeping enough sense of boundaries with the opposite sex is the minimum respect a man has for his wife.

2. Economic power to wife

What do stay at home wives fear most? Of course, it is the husband who is cheating. The reason why full-time wife is the most dangerous occupation in the world is that in order to be a full-time wife, they basically give up the ability to survive in society.

If their husbands cheat, they are not even qualified to negotiate. Because they have no jobs, they cant survive. Because they dont have money, they cant get custody of their children.

To give the financial power to a full-time wifes wife is to show her that you are honest with her and never give up. What a woman wants is not money, but trust and peace of mind.

3. Recognize the wifes contribution

When Papi sauce was just a mother, he tweeted that he thought that he was tired of taking postgraduate entrance examination, taking videos, going on business, filming movies and so on. After giving birth to a baby, he found that everything was not as tired as being a mother.

How tired a mother is, only mothers know that women are not afraid of fatigue. They are afraid that their own efforts will not be seen. They are already too tired to breathe. Their husbands feel that they are very idle. This is true for full-time wives. Any industry has its salary to measure its value, but a full-time wife has not.

She wanted to go out to work, but her husband said, take a rest, the baby will be better when she is older. Jin Zhien asked in despair, is it a rest to take children?

Motherhood is great. For children, they give up image, give up rest, give up social contact, even give up their career, and then feel aggrieved. Most of them will never turn back.

However, once the husband does not respect their pay, and even takes taking care of the children and doing housework as a matter of course for women, they will break out and appear one after another because of the sentence nothing to do, even a child cant take care of well, and the mother who jumped off the building was angry.

The recognition and respect of the husband is the biggest support for the wife to have the courage to be a full-time wife.

At the end:

In todays society, it is not easy for everyone to live. The reason why we get married is to find a partner who can fight hand in hand. You understand my hard work. I understand your difficulty. Only two hands holding hands and shoulder to shoulder can we fight against this unfriendly world.

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