As soon as the song rang, I began to cry. This film is only understood by Chinese people

 As soon as the song rang, I began to cry. This film is only understood by Chinese people

Not everyone has seen the Yangtze River, but there is almost a river in front of everyones home.

Even if it is a small current, it is a big river in the heart of children.

Everything on the river is closely related to you, no matter where you are, everything is in front of you when you think of it.

Four years ago, Long Yingtai delivered a speech entitled one song, one era at the University of Hong Kong.

Zhou Weili, vice president of the Baptist University, said that his enlightenment song was my motherland (formerly known as a river) taught him to sing when he was just in college.

Zhou Weili was born in Hong Kong, China. After graduating from HKU in 1983, he went to the United States to study for a doctor.

The elite of returnees publicly said that their enlightenment song was a red song, which made longyingtai, who intended to satirize the grand narrative, was embarrassed.

To her surprise, not only principal Zhou Weili, but also many Hong Kong people can sing.

Later, Long Yingtai wrote an article to reflect on himself.

She said that she thought it was a political song, but after listening to it, she found that the beautiful melody of the river waves and rice flower white sails was a very pure few minutes to dissolve the barriers in her heart.

Last year, Hu Ge asked questions on Zhihu

In the past 70 years, has there been a song that has brought tears to your eyes?

15000 people took part in the response.

The opening song of the film my hometown and I, which has already exceeded 500 million box office, is a big river with wide waves.

The song was written in 1956, 64 years ago.

Melody sounded, leisure thinking thousands of miles, overlooking mountains and rivers, years and months like a song, stir up thousands of waves in the heart.

There is such a river in the memory of every Chinese.

This river may be Minjiang River, Hanjiang River, Ganjiang River, Zhujiang River, Songhua River and Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal.

What big girl Yu Yan in Beijing has in mind is Miyun reservoir, which is planted with large amount of corn.

Everyones hometown is different, everyones hometown is the same, in the waves of a river, in the fields of summer rice and winter wheat.

Living abroad for many years, few ethnic groups have the same strong feelings of homeland as the Chinese people.

This is a movie that only Chinese can understand

My hometown and I is a unit film. The five stories take place in five directions in the southeast, northwest and central China. The themes involved include love between children and girls, past events of youth, separation in the year of birth, and human comedy.

The rise of a great power is demonstrated by the sadness and joy of the small people.

This is a movie that only Chinese can understand.

Make fun in bitterness, smile with tears, green mountains do not change, green water flows.

This kind of culture is different from Japan and South Korea, and also different from western culture.

Fan Wei gave his best performance in the film.

He is a university teacher living abroad. After suffering from Alzheimers disease, his memory stays in the ten years of teaching in the mountain village. He wants to go back to teach the children the last lesson.

When Fan Wei stood in the leaky classroom, shouting class, this is the most touching segment of the film.

It reminds me of the southwest United University during the Anti Japanese war.

Such a hard environment, so persistent teachers and students.

On the blackboard, however, the spherical image method and Greens function are written on the blackboard.

And Liu Cixins most realistic science fiction novel country teacher

In the barren mountainous areas of China, a teacher in his last days taught his children to recite Newtons three laws that they did not understand, because they were deeper knowledge, the laws of the huge universe.

It is in such a simple environment that a modern China has been bred.

Probably no nation has such strong feelings in education as the Chinese.

Civilization and wisdom can be passed down from time to time.

Another touching story of Yuyan is to control desertification and return farmland to forest.

When Yuyan was in primary school, Chinas forest coverage was 13%, and now its 24%.

This is reminiscent of NASAs praise of China and India for increasing the global green area by 5% last year.

Among them, the most important is Chinas contribution.

On the pipeline, every video about Chinas desertification control and afforestation is filled with the admiration of netizens from all over the world


No other country in the world can afford such a project.

Over the past 60 years, a Chinese afforestation team has planted thousands of acres of pine trees in shawozi, which is not considered suitable for planting trees.

As soon as the glaze comes, hundreds of thousands of mu of small trees are destroyed once;

If the tree is destroyed, plant it again; if it dies, plant it again.

After retirement, people still want to go back to the dam and guard the forest farm planted by themselves.

The so-called hometown is not only the place where we were born, but also the place we have transformed by ourselves, leaving the hot land of sweat memories.

You Caos body and name are all destroyed, and rivers will flow forever

My hometown and I is not only tempered by the older generation, but also the epoch-making.

The unexpected mobile phone ring reminds Fan Wei that his school has already been built.

This colorful primary school in Qiandao Lake has also been built through the efforts of a generation

In the past, on the loess high slopes, apple trees were planted on the sandy land, and the lotus fields and fruit fragrance were ten miles.

Chatting with local people abroad, I mentioned that my fathers hometown is a 404 city that cant be found on the map. It is surrounded by yellow sand and no people. There are a group of people who have devoted their whole life to the supreme ideal.

The friend said: your story is moving, you should record it.

I said that every one of our families has a similar story, and weve come a long way.

As Deng Chao said in the movie --

And there are always people who pass on the lights.

Just like in the film, the last unit is Shen Teng giving up studying abroad and returning to the rural areas of Northeast China to support poverty alleviation.

For a greater vision, a generation is willing to sacrifice themselves. This is the difference of our nation. There are not many people like this in the world.

The extinction of civilizations in the world is very common, because of natural and man-made disasters, because of internal fighting and external fighting.

Three of the four civilizations have disappeared, and only the Chinese civilization has survived to this day.

It is rare that people of the same blood have continued on the same land for five thousand years.

As Rogers said --

Egypt has been brilliant, Rome has been great, Britain has been glorious, but only China, many times the stars are dim, but slowly rising.

This is because there are always a group of people who do not know what is going on. No matter how bad the situation is, no matter how hopeless the hope is, they will never give up.

Rural teachers, sand control teams, exploration teams, grass-roots cadres, these silent and nameless figures are worthy of that sentence: Er Caos body and name are all gone, and rivers will flow forever.

At dusk, the sorrow of the countryside, the hope of a letter from home, and the song of departure from friends of mountains and rivers, foreigners dont understand why Chinese people think of their hometown when they see the moon.

And we know that the so-called hometown is not only a piece of land, but also the inspiration of culture and collective thoughts, but also the peace of mind and the return of life.

Double festival long holiday, I wish you back home holiday meet parents happy holiday.

Ill see you after the festival.

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