The experience of an 82 year old woman and 300 delinquents has been exposed, causing countless silence

 The experience of an 82 year old woman and 300 delinquents has been exposed, causing countless silence

The perpetrator, Takashi Takashi, rented an apartment in Kanagawa.

Then, on the social platform, search for young people who have left home and want to find free accommodation.

These young people have three common characteristics:

1. Bad relationship with the original family.

2. The social circle is very small.

Taking advantage of the weariness of the victims, he pretended to be kind and offered them free accommodation.

Just two months.

Baishi Longhao has nine lives on his back.

The youngest is only 15 years old.

He killed and dismembered these young men in his apartment.

After the exposure of the case, the whole society of Japan was shocked.

People are surprised at the cold-blooded of Takashi Baishi.

At the same time, it also pushed a serious social problem in Japan to the stage again.

That is: the phenomenon of young people running away from home.

In Japan, more and more young people are running away from home.

The NHK documentary missing, 30000 young people missing in Japan gives a grim set of data.

In 2016, according to the statistics of the Japanese police agency, there were about 33156 cases of missing young people throughout the year.

The age ranged from 10 to 30 years old.

68.2% of these cases can be recovered within a week.

And thats just on record.

More young people are disappearing.

Young people who cant be found have entered the society.

They are homeless.

Theres no money in hand.

Its hard to find a job because youre too young.

There are only two roads left for them.

Or, look for free accommodation on the Internet.

To rent by sex, become the landlords sexual partner, or even lose their lives.

In 2014, a survey by the Japanese police agency showed that 48000 young people were arrested for illegal activities.

Among them, 1.69 people are former criminals.

The recidivism rate is as high as 34.9%, which is the highest in Japanese history.

Juvenile delinquency has become a serious social problem in Japan.

Countless media are concerned about how to reduce such crimes and let children return to their families and normal life track.

Heavier punishment?

Strengthening control?

In Hiroshima, a grandmother over 80 gave a different answer.

My grandmothers name is Nakamoto.

That event changed her mind.


She joined the Department of protection,

Help juvenile delinquents reform and start a new life.

More and more years of criminals have entered her life, which makes her think about a problem

Why do children commit crimes?

In the end, she came to the conclusion that she was too hungry.

That sounds ridiculous.

Most of the children who will run away from home are very bad.

But after leaving home,

The hardest part is,


After entering the society,

They still face the problem of homelessness.

No place to live.

They have to live in the streets.

Cant find a job.

Its only for the first time that teenagers commit crimes.

My grandmother Nakamoto realized that,

Even the children who have fallen into crime are pulled out of the abyss.

So she made a decision: to cook for the children who left home.

Every morning.

Such scenes will appear in grandma Nakamotos small apartment.

The door rings.

Come back, welcome, she said with a smile as she opened the door

What do you want to eat today? he asked

Grandma Ben walked out of the door.

Carefully put each pair of shoes in order.

The children were playing in the living room.

She is in the kitchen preparing for todays cooking.

A bowl of hot rice, with two tablespoons of chicken and onion stewed eggs.

Its the childrens favorite parent-child.

As soon as the meal was served, the hungry children could not wait.

The empty stomach is filled.

The lonely heart is also pouring into the warm current.

This bowl of parents and children is the most delicious dish in their hearts.

Cooking for the kids,

In addition to their food and clothing,

And to help them get back on track.

A small table, there are countless problem teenagers.

They wouldnt have gathered,

On this table,

Having food to eat, making friends,

She has been taken care of by Nana Nakamoto, who is not related by blood.

She was always at the table, gently persuading the children not to steal and not to commit crimes.

If youre hungry, come and eat at Grandmas house.

Gradually, this has become a buzzword in the circle of troubled teenagers.

The children who ran away from home had already despaired of life.

No matter how much pain has been suffered, as long as you come to grandmas house, you can eat a hot meal.

Most children are not born evil.

The reasons why they took the road of crime are traceable.

Children are forced to accept and can only quickly integrate into the new family.

But how difficult?

The more unpopular child is likely to be ostracized by the new family just in the process of restructuring.

They were abandoned.

A home is no home.

Even if parents are both, they are not luckier.

When a couple of parents fail, it is their children who bear the ultimate burden.

Adults can leave at will.

Where can children go?

The only thing they can rely on is their parents.

Grandma Nakamoto received a girls help.

The girl was driven out of the house for using violence against her parents.

People around her accused the girl of being unfilial.

However, no one knows that girls suffer from the pain that their parents are born without.

Violence is used to attract attention.

But the final result, only more cold abandon.

They suffer from bad discrimination

In the eyes of their parents, they are useless people.

In the eyes of schools, they are problems.

In the eyes of society, they are scum.

Only grandma Nakamoto treated them as ordinary children.

Give them food.

Care about their future.

Listen to their pain.

Accept their mistakes.

And give them another chance to be reborn.

Over 40 years.

More than 300 children have been rescued by Nakamotos grandmother.

They admitted that if there was no grandmother, they would have been dead for a long time.

It was grandma who gave them hope.

For them, the most important person in the world is not their parents, but their grandmother Nakamoto who has no blood relationship.

After a long time of rescue, Mrs. Nakamoto began to think about a new problem

The answer is No.

More parents dont know how to love at all.

Grandma Nakamoto meets a middle-aged woman.

But then he committed a crime and went to the juvenile prison.

Its to send a letter to a woman.

The letter was written by a child.

Since the children entered the juvenile prison, Nakamotos grandmother has been running forward and back.

Frequent visits.

Actively resolve their dissatisfaction with their mother.

Nakamotos grandmother came to her mother with the letter.

In the outside world, women are undoubtedly a failed mother.

All over the body.

And let the children commit crimes.

But Grandma Nakamoto doesnt think so.

She felt that although women have grown older, they have never grown up psychologically.

Women live in a family without warmth since childhood.

She never had love, so she didnt know how to love her children.

Love is never nature.

Its a skill to learn.

Therefore, Nakamotos grandmother hopes to solve the problem from the root.

In 2018.

In the documentary, there is a scene that makes me feel deeply.

Someone asked grandma, do you still want to continue to help the juvenile delinquent?

Who knows, Nakamotos grandmother is adamant: Im not. Im tired to death.

Then, grandma Nakamoto suddenly walked into the kitchen.

On the other hand, he made Porphyra rice balls.

After the meal.

After carefully inquiring about the good situation, Mrs. Nakamoto and her child made an appointment to come home for dinner at 3:00 p.m.

Before hanging up, she also repeatedly told.

Many people dont understand Nakamotos grandmother.

He is 82 years old, but he still insists on getting up at 3 oclock every day.

Just for a bunch of irrelevant kids.

In this regard, Nakamotos grandmother just smiles: if there is no child to you for help, then you will not understand.

All she felt was heartache.

Everyone cant decide their origin.

But we should not lose the right to happiness because of the pain of the original family.

Almost all the children loved by Nakamotos grandmother have a new life.

Dare to expose the soft part of your heart.

Now, actually also down-to-earth, began to work hard.

There are also goals and dreams that I want to strive for.

They even learned to be grateful.

Its not natural to know that grandma Nakamotos help.

So give back to them.

They share every best fruit of their life with grandma Nakamoto.

I think thats why grandma Nakamoto has always insisted.

She has seen too many children change.

Knowing ones own bowl of rice and one word of concern may change ones life.

This sense of responsibility made her dare not slack off.

And she was also infected by the children, enjoying their rewards.

At the time of writing this article, I spent a week watching the documentary over and over again.

I was shocked by the story of Nakamotos grandmother.

Countless people support and severely punish young people who break the law.

It seems that as long as the punishment is increased, the tragedy of juvenile delinquency can be reduced.

But is it really that the penalty is too light?

no, it isnt.

Why do children commit crimes?

Man was born in the world. It was a piece of white paper.

If the paper is loved, it will paint a rainbow; if it suffers pain, it will be black with despair.

It is parents, schools and society that can decide all this.

As Freud put it: unexpressed emotions never disappear. Theyre just buried alive, and one day theyll explode in a more ugly way.

The reason why teenagers commit crimes.

In fact, it is expressing the discontent and anger that has been suppressed for a long time.

And that cant be solved by severe punishment.

The only way is to pay enough attention and love correctly.

Grandma Nakamoto understood this truth.

I also hope that everyone can listen to them and think seriously.

Author: there are duck eggs