The news of Takeuchis death has been completely blocked, and Kimura didnt know until he finished work

 The news of Takeuchis death has been completely blocked, and Kimura didnt know until he finished work

In January this year, takeuchiko and Nakamura Nakamura, the star of remarriage, met the arrival of the crystallization of love. She specially left a long time for recuperation. Finally, she started work on the first day of September. She did not expect that within a month, she would choose to end her life. As there was no letter left on the scene, it was impossible to determine whether she was worried about postpartum depression. Moreover, Takeuchi only had dinner with her husband and eldest son before she was born, Without exception, the sudden suicide was totally unacceptable to the family.

Its not just Takeuchis family members who collapsed. According to Japanese media reports, Takeuchi cooperated with Kimura twice in fierce general on the ice in 2004 and alife ~ beloved in 2017. The kissing scene in the play in 2004 was even named the most beautiful kiss in Heisei. Their private friendship was also very good. On the day of her death, Kimura was shooting the ultimate at a school outside Tokyo The news of Takeuchis death was widely reported in the media early that morning. The crew and related personnel were worried about the impact on Kimuras performance, so they decided to conceal it first.

Kimura took two hours to make up for the play, so he went to the scene at 8:00 a.m. and officially filmed at about 9:30. At that time, the news of Takeuchis suicide had already come to light. However, Kimura focused on his work and didnt find anything different at the first time. According to the people concerned, everyone knew about his friendship with Takeuchi and was worried that he would not be able to bear it after he was told He asked for a complete blockade of the news of Takeuchis death. No one was allowed to turn on the TV to let Kimura and other actors see it. Until the shooting was finished, Kimura finally learned that his friend died of suicide. The report described him as staring at the scene and completely unable to move at the moment. He was stunned at the scene, and his inner shock and grief could be imagined as unbearable.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie_ b6952