Deng Ziqi won the Golden Melody Award for the first time

 Deng Ziqi won the Golden Melody Award for the first time

My first Golden Melody Award. thank you!

Now I think of my two songs:

You say Im a commodity. I cant do it without you

These distorted truths almost destroyed my confidence

Full stop

How many years have I believed that without you, I cant do anything, Im just a commodity, even if I dont know, my name will be registered as a trademark? After I left, as the original author of all the works Ive written before, the copyright still needs to be won back through litigation? There are still unspeakable obstacles again and again? How many times have I Almost give up??

But today I once again proved to myself, also proved to you, I am really not the commodity in your hand, without you, I can still, and I am more blooming.

I have to be the first in everything from childhood to adulthood

No matter how hard I bite my teeth, I will not shed a tear

I have the willpower of obsessive-compulsive disorder. I cant waste it

The world tells you that success depends on yourself

What is success? I dont know the definition

Ive become hot

But excellence did not bring me freedom


Why do I want to thank the people who made this album with me, not because everyone helped me win the prize. As I said in loneliness, the excellence the world tells you will not really bring you freedom. However, last year, when I was faced with all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, you accompanied me and helped me to make an album that I like very much and listened to repeatedly for many times. I really feel very grateful!

I think its boring to make music if you dont like it. If you like to listen to music, whether its successful or not, its very cool and proud. So, thank you

Mark, Kristy, Vinci, t-MA, Chen Lingtao, Lao Dao, Richard, Brian, mattsim, Randy, Xiaoyi, director bierja, director Liao renshuai, director birdy, 8id, director captain, Director Tian Xun and director Xiaotian, Dora, Cooney, Yan Baijun, Calvin, sonymusic and sonyatv, all my colleagues, my family, friends and fans, and my God!

Deng Ziqi Im really not a commodity in your hands. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie_ b6952

Deng Ziqi, Im really not a commodity in your hands