The prince of England went to the countryside as a farmer to buy 4.5 million square meters of land to build a garden

 The prince of England went to the countryside as a farmer to buy 4.5 million square meters of land to build a garden

There is a 4.5 million square meter manor in Britain, which is the place that people all over the world want to have. There are flowers, grass, sheep and horses, just like a happy oil painting. The owner of this manor is no other than his royal highness Charles, the prince of England. Isnt it not that impressed by the prince? Home Jun quietly Mimi said that Princess Diana is his wife!

Charles fell in love with Gloucestershire when he first entered the country land of Gloucestershire in 1980! But dont think it was like this at that time. It was just a desolate wasteland at that time. There was only one neglected kitchen garden, a weedy Bush and a few meadows and a few hollow oaks.

But the natural, quiet, fresh and pristine environment made Charles think about it day and night. So he bought a local house with a manor, now called Highgrove manor, to be used as his new wedding home with Diana. Later, he bought 4.5 million square meters of land around him to establish his own ecological kingdom. The real version has money, willful, do what you want!

When Charles was very young, Elizabeth II ascended the throne, and he became the crown prince at the age of three. But I didnt expect that Queen Elizabeth II set the record for the longest reign of the British monarch, and Charles had been a prince almost all his life. Perhaps because of this long wait, when the queen was 90 years old, he announced a shocking news to the world: Charles gave up the throne, and the throne will be passed directly to his grandson William. So Charles waited for 64 years, finally gave up the throne and went to his small manor wholeheartedly.

Organic farm: shortly after buying the manor, the prince renovated the house in the manor, and cultivated an organic farm in the manor, and planted a large number of valuable plants and flowers. When he was free, he would become a farmer and work hard in the fields. So now the manor has a good scenery all the year round. There are flowers everywhere. One cant move ones eyes.

Iron room: on the first floor of the manor, a iron room was built, where medical supplies, food and drinks were stored. Because I grew up in the royal family, so there are all kinds of weapons, radio transmitters and so on. Although Charles is no longer the crown prince, but for the sake of safety, he still raised the safety factor here.

Thyme Trail: This is an avenue with 20 varieties of thyme mixed with other flowers. Walking along this path, it is like crossing to the middle ages, and at the end of the trail is the water lily pool garden which is bathed in sunshine all day long.

At the beginning, many people said he was a show, but only those who love life and nature can stick to the manor for 30 years. For whatever purpose, although Charles gave up the throne that many people had dreamed of. But he lived the life he wanted. His whole life seemed like a long time. In fact, it was in the blink of an eye. And doing what you want to do is perhaps the biggest luxury in our life~

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