Suqian double story villa is as beautiful as a pictorial. Farmers can buy it for only 50000 yuan

 Suqian double story villa is as beautiful as a pictorial. Farmers can buy it for only 50000 yuan

The new rural community of songzhangkou village is designed by Ba blue city. The first draft is designed according to the minimum standard of Taoli Chunfeng. The cost is about 7000-8000 yuan / m2. The owners are very satisfied, and the effect drawing design is also good-looking, but the scheme is quickly denied, as a demonstrative new rural community, the replicability is not high.

Design Institute starts subtraction Then the second draft and the third draft will remove the decoration of aluminum alloy flower window, wall line and foot, wind board, etc., so as to reduce the prefabricated components Finally, the budget was fixed at the unit price of 1990 yuan / m2, including 500 yuan of water supply, power supply, gas, landscape and other supporting costs.

Although the cost has been reduced, but the romantic designers can be a little bit more, they hope that the countryside has emotional appeal, rural houses become avant-garde, fashion! As a result, there are Chinese style courtyard, small bridge, flowing water and green grassland in the village It is no worse than the configuration of the villa.

The flower beds outside the courtyard are planted with various kinds of flowers, and the roses of various colors are half hidden, which is quite amorous. Of course, if the villagers dont like to grow flowers, they can also plant vegetables in their own small yard, or put miscellaneous food items. The stone tables and stools in the courtyard can let the villagers who have finished their work have a rest, drink tea and chat, play cards and chess, and live a life of picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence and leisurely seeing Nanshan.

Songzhangkou village has a large pond of more than 1000 square meters, which was rebuilt from the original paddy field. When they are free, villagers can come here for a walk and fish. The village also retains ancient trees and open spaces for the elderly to cool off and children to play.

The second batch of rural housing: large yard and abundant storage

The GOA elephant design team is responsible for the Zhouma village project. After receiving the project, the design team stayed in the village for a week to understand the needs of local residents. From the completion of the design scheme to the landing, the team spent three months to make four rounds of plans, trying to integrate the local characteristics into the design of Zhouma village, integrating the fashionable B & B style, making the overall style more modern and dynamic.

There are more storage space in the house type, laundry pool space and battery car parking space in the backyard. The designers of Goa elephant design feel that the greatest respect for the villagers is to consider their lifestyle carefully.

Of course, for the convenience of the villagers, the location of the snack shop, clinic, red and white wedding ceremony hall is carefully considered. It radiates in every corner, and you can walk there in a few minutes. Villagers like to get together to chat, drink tea and play chess. The left behind children also need a large number of game places. As the main image entrance and traffic conversion point of the village, the village entrance has set up lotus pond and activity center. A stage will be set up in the activity center, which will provide a good place for those who like to dance square dance. Thanks to all kinds of intimate design, the original lively village in the hearts of villagers can continue forever.

Finally, the new Zhouma village is a vernacular building with Chinese charm, which is simple and comfortable without public praise.

Three changes and four expansion single door, single courtyard and balcony

The first phase of the project has been completed and will be delivered. My family has already selected a room and is waiting for delivery. Wu Fujun, a resident, said, on the basis of all kinds of compensation for demolition, we only paid 56000 yuan to buy this villa. We dont need to mention how beautiful it is!

The new house in the original site is designed by a professional company. It has a single door and a single courtyard. It has two floors. The bedrooms on the upper floor are all in the morning. All of them have balconies. It must be very comfortable to live in. Resident Zhang Shicai said.

In addition to good houses, the project also attracts peoples overall planning and layout. The water system shape and road structure are preserved to the maximum extent, and the landscape of green shade, surrounded by water, farmland surrounded by water, and village surrounded by water is created, which not only integrates modern elements, but also retains the charm of polder area, thus maintaining the continuity of life, history and culture of this village. Hou Qingdong said.

While retaining the nostalgia, xinxingwei rural housing improvement project also built a national fitness park covering an area of 15 mu, a national entrepreneurship Park of 75 mu, a small vegetable garden of 10 mu, a comprehensive service center for the party and the masses, a neighborhood shopping center, and a childrens activity center, so as to solve the nostalgia and let farmers enjoy the same convenient public services as the city.

It is a cheap house, but also a warm heart of our people. Resident Zhang Xinxiao said.

Suqian was founded in 1996, and now there are 3 counties and 2 districts (Suyu District, Sucheng District, Shuyang, Siyang, Sihong). The transportation is not developed and the regional position is not prominent in Jiangsu. There are villages of different sizes in prefecture level cities, hundreds of large households and a few small ones, which are no different from most villages in China. In a short period of two years, earth shaking changes have taken place in such villages. The dilapidated red brick and tile houses and large areas of wasteland have become scattered private yards and orderly rural villages, which has solved the homesickness of young people.

As for the house deeply rooted in Chinese human feelings, song Weiping once said: the house is a piece of rice, and life is a pearl..