What is Trumps antibody cocktail therapy?

 What is Trumps antibody cocktail therapy?

What medicine did Trump use novel coronavirus pneumonia? (source: original)

What kind of therapy is this?

Novel coronavirus pneumonia research team of novel coronavirus pneumonia, General Hospital of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Shanghai Health Medical College published the latest September 30th targeted therapy of cocktail therapy in the international top journal CELL.

The global outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) is a key factor in saving the lives of severe pneumonia patients. Novel coronavirus pneumonia (SARS-CoV-2) novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) infection is being treated by Professor Li Yongzhe Zeng Qiang, General Hospital of PLA, Professor of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Professor Xu Yang of Shanghai health medical college, and Professor Huang Gang.

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Why is trump given such a large dose

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was published in September 30, 2020 in the CELL MolecularTherapy, the international top medical journal. Professor Zeng Qiang, Professor Huang Gang and Professor Li Yongzhe are the first authors in parallel, and Professor Xu Yang is the corresponding author.

Review of novel coronavirus pneumonia targeted therapies

Novel coronavirus infection is a novel coronavirus pneumonia, and it is a lack of targeted treatment, which leads to a high mortality rate of new crown pneumonia, Professor Zeng Qiang said. The novel coronavirus novel coronavirus can be novel coronavirus isolated from patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). The antibody targeting the two or more S antibodies against RBD protein can enhance the neutralization of the new coronavirus, and limit the escape and neutralization of the new coronavirus and produce the mutant of the S. RBD

A novel coronavirus novel coronavirus novel coronavirus can produce mutant S proteins in a preclinical study. Two or more cocktail therapies against novel coronavirus RBD antibodies can enhance the neutralization of the novel coronavirus and limit the generation of mutants that escape neutralization. This brings dawn to novel coronavirus mutation. It is reported that novel coronavirus was infected by US President Trump in October 2, 2020, and the cocktail therapy targeted at the antibody produced by REGENERON Biotech Corp in New York was the first to be used.

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British media: there is no safety problem in Trumps cocktail therapy

According to the Russian satellite news agency on October 4, quoting the Daily Telegraph of the UK, trump is being treated with an antibody mixture, which British experts believe is very promising and will be promoted nationwide in the UK.

Peter hobby, a new professor of infectious diseases at Oxford University, said the antibody cocktail is now available in three hospitals in the north of the UK and will be extended to 30 to 40 hospitals in the UK next week, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Its an artificial antibody, a mixture of two antibodies. It has been carefully designed to bind firmly to proteins on the surface of the virus, helping to prevent the virus from attaching to cells, entering cells and replicating. It also helps our own immune system attack and kill the virus. Professor hobby said.

According to experts involved in leading the trial of the mixed antibody treatment, the treatment has been widely used for some time in the treatment of inflammation and cancer. Hobi said the treatment was very safe and that in different trials, the special mixed antibody had been used in 400 to 500 patients with mild or severe illness, and there were no worrying safety issues so far.

Its one of the most promising drugs available. Hobi said.

On October 2, White House doctor Sean Conley said trump had received antibody cocktail therapy.. The treatment, developed by regenerant, is one of the treatments tested in the new crown drug clinical trial of rehabilitation led by Oxford University.

On September 29th, zyz announced the early results of clinical trials of the therapy. The results showed that this therapy reduced the viral load and shortened the duration of symptom relief in non hospitalized patients with new crown. For patients who did not produce effective immune response to new coronavirus, the effect of this therapy was the most obvious.