A Japanese family of six people crowded 6 square meters of dilapidated house into seven spaces after renovation

 A Japanese family of six people crowded 6 square meters of dilapidated house into seven spaces after renovation

In my opinion, the house is hopeless, but! Because the family was on a variety show, the program even invited a great God level designer to solve all the problems. The two-story dangerous house was transformed into a five storey mansion, with seven spaces of 6 square meters, including the bedrooms, bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms for grandma, husband and wife, and children. Its not easy for anyone to see. Lets see how he did it~

Foundation: in order to solve the potential safety hazard, he first dealt with the foundation problem. Shijing arranged for construction workers to first place all the 6 square meters of the base with concrete to stabilize the whole site.

Then, replace the corroded wood sill.

Porch: before opening the gate, you can only see the porch which is small enough to have no place to put shoes and the kitchen with goods piled up everywhere.

Now, experts move the gate to the East, and the space is large enough to hold 60 pairs of shoes.

The width of only 18 cm of small gap is also set up convenient storage cabinet, greatly increasing the storage space.

Grandmothers bedroom: the bedroom separated by a wall is designed for grandma, with a space of 2.25 m2.

The storage cabinet is designed to be convenient for grandma to sit on the bed. The drawer can be opened and the depth is as long as 1 meter. Even the kimono can be put in.

Kitchen: the overall color of the kitchen is mainly white, bright and open. Because of the large space in the back of the house, a large window was specially installed in Shijing to see the trees and grass outside.

Dining room: one end of the dining table is embedded in the slide above the storage cabinet, and the chair can be easily moved to the window if necessary.

There is a square area on the floor beside the table, which is the food storage area. The capacity inside is three times that of the general storage cabinet. It is also very easy to take and place articles.

Study & couple bedroom: the third floor is the living space for the whole family, and the children have their dream desk and computer desk. In the evening, use sliding door to separate this place from the stairs, which is the bedroom of the couple.

Childrens room: the fourth floor and the fifth floor of the attic are childrens rooms. In order to isolate the noise of aircraft passing by, large double glass windows with good sound insulation effect are adopted. In order to avoid sibling quarrels, all the designs are designed for three people, and the hollow staircase is the toy box for three children.

Appearance: the most valuable thing is that the house of Jicun still retains the appearance it had when it was built 40 years ago, but its original disordered appearance has become simple and modern.

The real transformation can not only bring brand-new, beautiful and efficient, but also from the perspective of humanization. This design is simply wonderful!

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