Zhengzhou 256 flat luxury houses sell 50 million nanny room furniture are top brands

 Zhengzhou 256 flat luxury houses sell 50 million nanny room furniture are top brands

The mansion covers an area of 256 square meters, with 6 bedrooms, 9 halls and 7 bathrooms. The total price is 50 million yuan. Although the area is not large, it is interesting that it plays with the charm of Song Dynasty outdoors and enjoys modern simplicity indoors.

Introduction to the community: the entrance is a very domineering 4.5 meters high pure copper gate, which takes one year to forge and shape, but it only takes 3 seconds to open intelligently.

On both sides of the mirror pool, reflecting the shy black pine, through the fence to form a superimposed view, looks very aesthetic mood.

Courtyard: in the center of the courtyard is a round water bowl, which is the same intention as the water tank of Beijing Quadrangle. It is very particular about geomantic omen: the mountain governs the people and the wealth, and the mountains and rivers are full of love and wealth.

Further inside, the corridor is designed to take the rainy day into consideration. It is beautiful and practical.

All the hard pavements in the residential area are made of Binzhou green stone. The tone of dark and white in classic black can not only hold the garden atmosphere, but also give people the feeling of a round place.

Further ahead is an olive tree with more than 800 years. At that time, it was the Song Dynasty. It was very difficult to transplant the full crown of the ancient tree through mountains and rivers. It could not damage the huge roots and stems, but also inject nutrients into the wrapped mud ball regularly. In the past few years, Jin Guis family was not much different from raising a giant panda, and he had to give some nutrition injections from time to time.

Porch: entering the door and entering the house, the form of the porch is very unified. It is still a metal grille, connecting the wooden ceiling without main lamp and the deep palm marble floor, which makes the space feel very three-dimensional.

Living room: the wall material of the living room is smooth from metal to stone, which is not abrupt at all, but also the harmonious transition of warm color system. Sofa is also the top brand custom-made, the table decorated with two pots of flowers, not only full of bold and unrestrained implication, but also hidden elegant and upright.

Dining room: through the living room is the dining room, 8-seat Armani custom-made dining table and chair, let people quickly into the warm atmosphere.

Kitchen: inside, there is a U-shaped variable kitchen, which does not have a simple physical partition with the dining room. Instead, it can pass through the jade sand glass door and use an operating table as the food delivery area. In this way, the two aunts in the family can work together and enjoy delicious food without waiting.

Master bedroom suite: the entrance of master bedroom is covered with elegant gray wall cloth, which completes the transition from living room to master bedroom. The lamp belt of storage niche on one side reflects the assistance of ambient light. The wooden grille separates the double windows and desks without completely blocking the vision.

Only in the master bedroom, which is large enough to plug two windows, can the space experience be easily extended to the outside.

Nanny room: on the left is a double nanny suite, which is different from all the nanny rooms I have seen before. The nannies here use furniture made of top brands. According to 10 square meters, the value of the nanny room plus soft clothing can top you a suite.