US media: after trump was diagnosed as unwilling to be admitted to hospital, the consultant around him has been persuading him

 US media: after trump was diagnosed as unwilling to be admitted to hospital, the consultant around him has been persuading him

According to the report, a number of sources disclosed that although trump has developed relevant symptoms and received treatment, he does not want to be hospitalized. Trumps advisers are aware that trump is hesitant to look seriously ill. But White House medical officials are concerned about Trumps health and believe that trump should go to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where the vast resources are available to better monitor his condition.

Trumpden Shanghai Marine Corps helicopter 1 source: US media

Trump was later told that the hospital was a more secure location for his current situation, in case his condition worsened, the report added.

Until trump decided to board the helicopter, his aides were still making a final effort to persuade him to go to the hospital, CNN said. Trump appeared a little tired and a little pale when boarding the plane, the report said. At that time, he waved his hand slightly, walked past the cameras he had stopped many times, and then boarded the helicopter.

On the morning of the 3rd local time, White House doctor Sean Conley briefed trump at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He stressed at the time that bringing trump to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center was a preventive measure..

On the afternoon of the 3rd local time, trump himself tweeted his first video after he was admitted to hospital. He said in the video that he feels better now and I think Ill be back soon.

Rare! US media revealed that the White House is extremely unusual. Is trump seriously ill?

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23 people in 5 cities and 7 days infected for 90 seconds? (source: original)

On Friday night, novel coronavirus pneumonia was first diagnosed and diagnosed after being admitted to hospital on Friday night. He said, I think everything is OK! Thank you and love you all

But Trumps optimism does not hide the seriousness of the situation. CNN said it was extremely rare that trump still had to spend the night in a hospital, given that the White House had provided enough medical facilities.

Trump made his first appearance after infecting his new crown. Picture source and media

Later in the day, White House doctor Sean Conley wrote in a memo on Trumps condition that he was exhausted.. CNN learned from another source that trump had a fever most of the day.

Trump used regenerons experimental new coronavirus antibody cocktail therapy and daily zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin and aspirin, Conley said.

The White House, on the other hand, is trying to show a business as usual attitude.

White House chief of staff mark meadows stressed that there was no reason for the public to worry about Trumps illness. According to the official, Trumps condition has not deteriorated, not only in good spirits, but also energetic, and remains committed to working very hard for the American people..

In response to the confusion, CNN pointed out that the White House is facing a huge credibility gap.

After Trumps novel coronavirus pneumonia, the White Houses description of Trumps illness changed many times on Friday. Most of the early information about Trumps health was first reported by the media and then confirmed by the White House, highlighting the lack of transparency in the US government. According to the report.

Trump was diagnosed with novel coronavirus pneumonia for just one day, and many key officials around him have been caught up. According to US media statistics, at least seven people have confirmed that the United States is in a deepening crisis after attending the White House Supreme Court nomination ceremony.

In addition, Zeke Miller, President of the White House Journalists Association, said in a letter to colleagues on October 2 local time that at least three journalists working in the White House had tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Some American journalists have also begun to be wary of the White House. A Washington Post columnist said bluntly that the White House is not worth believing and that there are no people who tell the truth except for fudge and some medical experts.