The General Administration of sports was satirized. Is physical fitness test poison or good medicine?

 The General Administration of sports was satirized. Is physical fitness test poison or good medicine?

Fu Yuanhui, the first place in the preliminary contest, Yu Hexin, who broke the national record, Wang Jian, who broke the Asian record, and other sports stars were eliminated because their physical fitness test was not up to the standard.

Netizens have pointed their guns at the General Administration of sports, sarcasm and sarcasm.

So, I found a former professional athlete a small short leg..

I would like to talk about whether this physical fitness test is poison or good medicine from a professional point of view.

Sometimes, to go beyond the atmosphere lies in more rational thinking.

01 the decline of Chinas competitive sports in recent years

In recent years, the level of domestic competitive sports has gradually declined. Compared with the total number of medals in the three Olympic Games from 2008 to 2016, Chinas decline is obvious.

Lets take a look at our competitor, the United States, which remains dominant. In addition, the achievements of Britain and Japan in the past three Olympic Games have also improved steadily.

This Tokyo Olympic Games, Japan as the host, has the home advantage, is bound to have a big impact on China.

Therefore, the situation of the Chinese team in the East Olympic Games is not optimistic.

Where is the problem?

I think the problem still comes from the lack of scientific training.

We are always at a disadvantage in sports dominated by physical fitness, such as track and field, basketball, foot and volleyball.

Even in swimming, the United States is in a dominant position, and Australia is ahead of China.

Lets talk about our advantages, diving, table tennis, badminton, weightlifting, gymnastics, shooting, all have different degrees of decline.

The decline of gymnastics is obvious.

American gymnast Byers swept 4 gold and 1 bronze at the Rio Olympics.

We thought gymnastics was a technology led event, but Byers broke our traditional view.

She is a set of strength, speed, technology in one of the athletes, can make more difficult movements, let people miss.

Compared with the figure of domestic athletes, the difference of strength and speed has been obvious.

It can be seen that physical training is changing the development direction of competitive sports!

Of course, if you want to say go, chess, thats OK.

As we all know, the three key elements of training success are training, nutrition and recovery.

At present, we only focus on training excessively, and even shout out the slogan as long as we cant even die, we will practice in the dead.

This has caused a series of problems, such as overtraining, fatigue, easy injury, short sports career and so on.

For example, Liu Xiang and Yao Ming.

Is there a lack of training facilities or high-tech training equipment?

Physical training is very important for competitive sports. In fact, the General Administration of sports has realized that it is necessary to build physical training venues and introduce advanced foreign physical training equipment.

At present, our training hardware facilities are improving year by year, and more and more digital training equipment have been stationed in the national team and provincial professional teams.

But why are our training conditions and facilities getting better and better, but sports performance is declining year by year, and physical training is still not improved?

The main reason is that our software cant keep up.

In Chinas sports circles, it is a consensus that coaches lack the theoretical basis of sports science.

A real training team, including technical coaches, physical fitness coaches, sports protection / physical therapists, nutritionists, doctors, psychological counselors, we need the whole team to work together to achieve athlete protection.

But domestic coaches tend to be more technical.

In terms of training plan and physical training, it is still a bit blind and elephant like.

For this reason, the General Administration of physical education has repeatedly invited physical fitness teams from abroad to teach in China, such as AP, the most professional sports performance company in the world, and Michael Boyle and JC Santana, experts in the field of large and small physical training abroad.

The national team also employed many foreign physical fitness coaches, hoping to solve the physical problems.

But all this is still a drop in the bucket. The grass-roots training teams in various provinces and cities still do not pay attention to physical training.

Back to this fitness test

In February 2019, the General Administration of sport of the peoples Republic of China issued a notice on strengthening basic physical fitness training and short board of vicious complement. The main content is to emphasize the important foundation of physical fitness.

Strengthen the implementation of physical training, and must implement, and carry out supervision and accountability. For the athletes whose physical fitness is not up to the standard and the relevant person in charge, part of the training allowance will be deducted, and the athletes who meet the standard will be rewarded. The most important thing is to promote the local provinces and cities grass-roots youth physical training, to solve the current youth athletes premature specialization problem.

The final results will be used as the admission ticket for the Tokyo Olympic Games, and those who fail to meet the requirements will not be allowed to participate in the Olympic trials.

It can be said that the General Administration of sports has to bear a lot of pressure to make this decision. The policy is not tough enough and the reform is difficult to sustain.

We must know that reform is bound to be painful, but it is important to be brave enough to take this step.

Because the implementation of physical training, there is no way to achieve immediate results, but a long period of benefits.

So many people are not willing to do it and reform.

Moreover, it is likely that the next leader will benefit from the reform proposed by the current leader. Who can think of the initiator of this policy at that time?

04 disputes about test items

This physical fitness test involves body composition (BMI), flexibility (sitting forward), speed (30M), explosive force of lower limbs (vertical jump), muscle strength / endurance (bench push, squat, pull up, abdominal muscle, back muscle), aerobic ability.

These 10 events belong to the basic physical quality of athletes.

They should have established a good physical foundation in their youth, but because the coaches in their youth were eager for quick success and instant benefits, they carried out specialized training too early, and ignored these physical foundation.

And sports performance is like the barrel effect. How high an athlete can walk depends on the board with the shortest basic physical quality.

And the shortest board may also be an important part of the injury risk of athletes.

The biggest problem in China is that the athletes specialized training is too early, and the development of basic physical quality is ignored!

According to the theory of growth and development of teenagers, the training in adolescence should be diversified, and the basic physical quality should be established for all-round development.

And in the current domestic pursuit of champion, blindly go shortcut. Although some achievements have been made, they are not in line with the law.

For example, our youth sports, such as track and field, football can achieve certain results, but we exposed deficiencies in the adult competition!

Therefore, in the long run, premature specialization will hinder the future development potential of athletes, and the imbalance of strength and posture will lay the groundwork for the future injury risk, and greatly reduce the upper limit of future development potential.

Most of the time, we only see gold medal winning athletes, but we dont see how many talented athletes fail to reach their talent limit due to unscientific training under the national system, and have not achieved ideal results.

The gold medals of scenery are obtained by stepping on their shoulders!

Zhou Qi was once pushed to the top of the storm because of his 60 kg bench press. This is a typical example of focusing on special training and neglecting basic physical training.

In the youth games and CBA, he has a smooth sailing, while in the international and NBA games, his short boards are exposed, his weight is low, his strength is poor, his ability to fight is weak and his ability to move is not outstanding.

Take another look at the Arab League, which forms a sharp contrast.

What did China make complaints about when the basketball players in Tucao were poor in physical quality?

In fact, it is the lack of correct understanding of physical training!

When I was training with the youth team, I was very surprised by a little players words. We dont need to practice so much bounce. As long as we have enough fighting ability, we can defend the opponent and grab the rebounds.

Who instilled this concept into athletes?

Does physical fitness test make sense?

At present, there is a phenomenon of overcorrection in physical fitness test, and the scoring standard of the test is very controversial!

The scoring standard is lack of scientificalness, and it requires 40 full marks for men and 35 full marks for women, which is basically unable to complete for most projects.

In the 30 meter speed test, it is 4.5 seconds for both men and women to reach the standard, which results in most male athletes reaching the standard, while female athletes are difficult to reach the standard.

And the BMI scale is funny.

In fact, physical fitness is only regarded as the basic quality, which is one of the conditions for the development of special projects. The quality of sports performance also includes technical, tactical, executive ability and other issues.

Gong Jinjie, the Olympic champion of womens track cycling, is a 30-year-old veteran. After giving birth to her baby, she ranked second in the total score of physical fitness test.

All the Chinese weightlifting team and table tennis passed the physical fitness test. In the 50m freestyle, Liu Xiang won the first place in the physical test and reached the Olympic a standard. Why did Liu Xiang, who is not a strong sport in the same physical quality, reach the first place in the total physical fitness test?

And why is it that athletes who are better than her should have better physical fitness, but cant reach the physical fitness test?

The document issued in February, the competition will be held at the end of September. Originally, they had six months to deal with the physical fitness test.

However, most of the athletes did not pay attention to it at all, the eighth place only scored 35 points in the physical test!

There are only five physical tests, including vertical vertical jump height test, 30 meter sprint time test, maximum pull-up times test, trunk core strength test (4 directions) and 3000 meter time run test.

10 points of trunk core strength is the simplest. The importance of good core strength for swimmers is needless to say?

The second is the height of the vertical jump, which is very important to swimmers. It determines the ability of the swimmers to jump and turn. It is also the item that should get full marks.

As a professional high jumper, the author can also run to over 11 points, so for swimmers with good aerobic endurance, it should not be very difficult to get 4 points within 13 points in 6 months?

In the 30 meter speed test, athletes have certain coordination and explosive power of lower limbs. After 6 months of training, they can get 5 points after running in 5 seconds Pull out any ordinary person can reach!

And why not?

Should we reflect on whether athletes and coaches attach importance to it?

In fact, they just dont pay attention to it.

Because they dont pay attention to it, some athletes put pressure on the management by the unscientific scoring standard of physical fitness test.

This can be the attitude of the public opinion field eating melons, but can it be the attitude of athletes?

The significance of this physical fitness test from a macro perspective

In recent years, the State Sports Administration has also vigorously promoted physical training and scientific training, and invited many domestic and foreign experts, large and small, to hold corresponding training courses, hoping to improve the professional foundation of domestic excellent coaches.

However, from the effect point of view, it is not ideal, even reduced to tourism, Party classes.

On the contrary, after the State General Administration of sport issued the physical fitness test standard, the grass-roots units of all provinces and cities, as well as coaches and athletes, have increased the importance of physical training.

And held a large number of specialized physical competition, through the test found that the lack of physical fitness, to find the short board.

At the same time, the grass-roots team also constantly improve the physical training facilities and training environment for the future scientific training.

Although the one size fits all model of physical fitness test, some are too radical and overcorrected, and the scoring standard is also lack of scientific!

But from a long-term point of view, on the whole, it promotes the development of scientific training and realizes the importance of physical training.

Again, the implementation of physical training, for the development of athletes, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Although there will be short-term pain, but with the passage of time, the effect will gradually reflect.

It also promotes the all-round development of young athletes physical fitness and improves the disadvantages of young athletes premature specialization.

In addition, a large number of physical fitness test data, for Chinas sports scientific research point of view, is also valuable, through data analysis, we can continuously improve the scientific development of competitive sports.

It is hoped that the future physical fitness test standards will be improved and more scientific, and Chinas competitive sports may have a brighter future.

Finally, I hope to learn more from Chinese rowing team

To tell you something you dont know, Chinas national rowing team is the best in scientific training. It attaches importance to physical training, nutrition and recovery.

At present, scientific training and training teams have also seen results.

So why does the Chinese rowing team reach the standard?

We also hope that the majority of athletes do not have too much resistance. Pain makes people progress and pleasant, which is harmful (except for go and other events).

Source of this article: Wang Chengcheng, responsible editor of Netease Sports_ NB12651