Yuan Shoulong: National trampoline team strengthens physical strength and prepares for Olympic Games

 Yuan Shoulong: National trampoline team strengthens physical strength and prepares for Olympic Games

In terms of womens trampoline, Yuan Shoulong was deeply impressed by Lin Qianqi. He said that Lin Qianqi had been in an unstable state due to injury last year. This year, in the Tokyo Olympic Simulation Competition and the national championship, Lin Qianqis difficulty, stability and completion scores were stable, catching up with and surpassing the champion level of last years World Championships

Yuan Shoulong said that the championship is the first national competition since the outbreak of the national trampoline team. The overall performance of the athletes is in line with the expectation of pre competition training, thus achieving the goal of training teams and selecting talents.

After physical training, athletes physical fitness test indicators have been greatly improved. Yuan Shoulong said, physical training strengthens athletes physique, improves their basic strength, and at the same time provides support for technological innovation. In the next step, we will steadily promote physical training, and at the same time, integrate the breakthrough and innovation of special physical fitness and technical difficulty, and promote the training process systematically, dialectically and orderly.

On trampoline, Yuan Shoulong said: although competitive trampoline is a minority event in China, the popular trampoline has been loved by more and more teenagers. In the future, we will increase support for the mass trampoline, and promote trampoline into the campus and community.

It is understood that on September 29, a seminar on the construction and development of Tianjin trampoline demonstration area was held in Tianjin tuanpo Sports Center, and the work of building a trampoline demonstration area in Tianjin will be vigorously promoted in the future. We are studying and formulating corresponding plans to promote the development of mass trampoline and competitive trampoline in Tianjin. Yuan Shoulong said. (end)

Source of this article: Wang Chengcheng, editor in charge of chinanews.com_ NB12651