The plan has changed! U.S. State Department statement: pompeio will visit Japan, but not Mongolia and South Korea as planned

 The plan has changed! U.S. State Department statement: pompeio will visit Japan, but not Mongolia and South Korea as planned

After trump confirmed the infection, U.S. Secretary of state pompeio decided to visit three Asian countries as scheduled next week

U.S. Secretary of state pompeio said on the 2nd that he will start his trip to Asia next week. Earlier, U.S. President trump said he and first lady Melania tested positive for the new coronavirus and would be quarantined.

According to Reuters on October 3, Pompeo, who is visiting Europe, made the above statement to reporters after meeting with Croatian Prime Minister leonkovic in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, on the 2nd.

Pompeio said he and his wifes new crown test results were negative. I feel good now, he said, calling vice president Burnss office. Both sides take the president and his wifes diagnosis seriously. We pray for the president and the first lady for their early recovery..

Pompeio said there will be no change in the plan for the Asian tour. Pompeo and his wife were tested 20 minutes before landing at Dubrovnik airport in Croatia. He claimed that the last time he saw trump was on September 15.

According to the schedule, pompeio will visit Japan, Mongolia and South Korea from April 4 to 8. He will attend the foreign ministers meeting of Japan, the United States, Australia and India in Tokyo from June 6 to 7, and is scheduled to hold talks with Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei. This is also the first time that a senior US official has visited since Kan took office.

Pompeios Asia Tour considering coming to Taiwan? State Department: no plan at present

U.S. Secretary of state pompeio plans to visit Japan, Mongolia and South Korea on April 4, according to Taiwans Central News Agency Washington on the 2nd. Some media are concerned whether pompeio will also consider going to Taiwan, or whether he will interact online with Taiwan officials during his visit. In response, the US Assistant Secretary of state for East Asia and the Pacific Affairs, David Stewart, said on the same day that there were no other plans to visit.

According to the report, pompeio is expected to visit Japan, Mongolia and South Korea from April 4 to 8, during which he will hold a four party security dialogue with foreign ministers of Australia, India and Japan. But novel coronavirus pneumonia is confirmed by President Trump, and the US State Department is still assessing whether Pompeio has made the plan.

It is reported that US Taiwan relations have been warming up rapidly recently. In the past two months, the US side sent us health secretary aza and under secretary of state for economic growth, energy and environment affairs to come to Taiwan. Azar was the highest ranking cabinet official to visit Taiwan since the US and Taiwan broke off diplomatic relations in 1979, while kratch was the highest ranking current official visiting the US State Department.

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Pompeio is clamoring to fight against China, only to be shut down. The Ministry of foreign affairs exposes the hypocrisy (source: ~)

Commenting on relations with China, pompeios visit to the Vatican was closed

Rome, Sept. 30 (Reuters) - the Vatican said on Wednesday it had rejected a request by U.S. Secretary of state pompeio to meet Pope Francis. It also accused the Secretary of state of trying to drag the Vatican into the US presidential election by condemning the Catholic Churchs relationship with China.

According to the report, pompeio in an article and a series of tweets accused the Vatican of endangering its moral authority by renewing the agreement on the appointment of bishops with China. Subsequently, two senior Vatican officials made extraordinary remarks.

Two senior Vatican officials, Secretary of state petro parolin and Foreign Minister Paul Gallagher, said Francis refused pompeios request for an audience because the Pope avoided meeting politicians before the election, the report said.

Yes, he asked for an audience, parolin said. But the Pope has made it clear that politicians will not be received during the election. Thats why.

Both parolin and Gallagher said pompeios public criticism on the eve of his planned visit was surprising..