Leeds United vs City: a game between 60 million and 600 million

 Leeds United vs City: a game between 60 million and 600 million

In 2014, Zidane, who had just become the coach of Castilla, made a special trip to Marseille, where belsa personally showed him how he organized training, arranged details, analyzed the game and studied the reasons for the teams defeat.

The above two historical materials can clearly reflect the Crazy belsas status in the world football World: a famous Barcelona hostess, a Real Madrid meritorious, ten years apart, bald line, wisdom light multiplied by 2, together reflect the figure of belsa. this is a very strong statement.

Therefore, this is a match with the theme of master apprentice match. Although belsa and guaguaguas playing methods have been different from the original school and the reformist school after years of immersion, you can still find that they came from the same official kiln.

For example, they all emphasize the high position of the attack, always want to cut off the opponents ball in the front court;

Obviously, Manchester City had the upper hand at the start of the tights war.

First of all, although citys Tiki Takas family business has lost some, it is still more than enough to play a few robbers.

Secondly, Harrison was rented from Manchester City and could not be used to fight his old club, so Leeds set up a set of 3-5-2, the ability of double forwards to withdraw defense and encirclement was not as good as before.

Third, because the wing guard position is too high, so belsas three central defenders are really three, absolutely innocent of the old and the young. Moreover, the three central defenders are obviously League One OEM products. At the level of making do with the championship, they are taken to the Premier League and continue to use them

If you just look at the performance in the first 20 minutes, you must feel that this is a game of starving to death master. The vicious capitalism has mercilessly attacked the rural militia with money, one worth 1.04 billion, ranking second in the Premier League; the other is 140 million, ranking second from the bottom in the Premier League. However, this kind of money blessing only lasted 20 minutes, then the city players turned into the strategic defense stage.

Yes, due to injury problems and great emphasis on the League Cup, guara coach is almost the main force in the midweek League Cup, and his physical reserve is not as good as that of Leeds United. Whats more, its really a physical work to deal with Leedss method of self loss of 1000 and 800 enemies. We have to keep up with the running without the ball and the strength of the attack, so we cant keep up with the rhythm as soon as our physical fitness declines.

20 minutes later, belsa threw out his first goal: he swung his big hand and changed the formation from 3-5-2 to 4-1-4-1. On the one hand, he let the three central defenders have more defensive assistants, on the other hand, he moved the main battlefield of the attack from the front field to the midfield. Then the power of the local siege quickly emerged, and city collapsed step by step.

Guashuai always takes a waist when he goes out recently, so he cant carry any heavy physical work. However, debrourne begins to withdraw to help.

If the brain and Tintin are pinned to the waist and eye at the same time, you cant expect your arms and neck to do anything on your own.

The full back had no choice but to put out the fire. Walker and Mendy acted as the advance team, and then the grassland left behind was one to one.

Seeing this, belsa immediately decided to sprinkle salt on Manchester Citys wounds. Shortly after the start of the second half, he threw out the second goal: with Ocampo, Costa switched to the left, flying both wings to focus on the back of Walker and Mendi. With Rodrigo, its a pure centre forward that city dont have on the bench.

This is the horror of Leeds United. Although their defense is the level of fun, but they have the ability to break down the defense of their opponents into fun. In this case, mendinas nine thousand year compulsory education can not save the defense level, it cant support Leedss snatching strength. In the first half, he stopped the ball indirectly, and in the second half, he used his hip to assist directly. In the middle, he was interspersed with countless scattered shots. Although his cross level is still good, this guy, as an anti-virus software, actually brought three Trojan programs in the installation process, which nobody can bear.

Part of Mendys undercover scenes

After David Silva left, Manchester Citys elaborate work had declined, but todays opponents still took the axe to embroider the needle: it will rain heavily, the road is not clear, Chen Sheng Wu Guang rises, this is the situation that city faces in the second half.

So city heart a horizontal, also began not to play midfield to attack. Throughout the second half, the performance of the two teams was uneasy, without clear lyrics and positioning, but it was always thrilling. City had just used a wave of Ferrari, and Leeds had a backhand to drift an electric car.

Leeds 5-man 5-foot pass (back to front, left to right)

Then the screen is full of indescribable unknown errors. The formation changes from 5-0-5 to 0-5-5. 22 people are on the verge of collapse, and the referee says, what VaR, I want to continue to watch the attack!

Mike Dean was so tired that he gasped

In this way, Manchester City, who started with 660 million yuan, was led by Leeds with only 68.2 million euro to run the rhythm. In the process of watching the ball, I felt the heartache of burning funds.

In this game, Leeds Uniteds possession of the ball was 52% - 48%, the number of passes was 370-287, the success rate of passing was 83% - 82%, the number of shots was 7-2, the snatch was 21-7, and the column was 2-1. City did not shoot straight after the 20th minute

Yes, in your lifetime, you can see a promoted horse that beats Manchester City in terms of offensive data. Yes, in your lifetime, you can see Gua Shuai changing to center back and midfield just to keep a draw. Theres no way. Debrourne has become debrourne. Only Stirling is still the Stirling.

In the end, the 90 minute game ended 1-1. Although there is no winner or loser in this match, all fans who get up in the middle of the night will feel that it is a worthwhile trip.

For Leeds fans, it was a great victory for the countryside to encircle the city. They used the most old-fashioned rifles to knock down one man after another, forcing city to the edge of a cliff in various non personal heroism ways.

Leeds United players scramble

For Manchester City fans, Leeds tested the quality of DIAS in an extreme way, and Kingsoft, Kaspersky, Norton and 360 timely reminded melon that they should continue to buy defenders.

Rodrigo singletias

For neutral fans, um Its not really the best city, but Real Madrid are playing really well.

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