What is antibody cocktail therapy that treats new crown? No approval from FDA

 What is antibody cocktail therapy that treats new crown? No approval from FDA

According to the official website of Regent Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which developed the treatment, the treatment, named regn-cov2, is composed of two monoclonal antibodies, regn10933 and regn10987, which aims to block the infection of the new coronavirus. The combination of the two antibodies can reduce the ability of the mutant virus to evade monoantibody therapy.

On September 29, regenerant released early results of clinical trials of the treatment. The results showed that this therapy reduced the viral load and shortened the duration of symptom relief in non hospitalized patients with new crown. For patients who did not produce effective immune response to new coronavirus, the effect of this therapy was the most obvious.

British media reported on September 15 that a randomized clinical trial of rehabilitation new crown drugs led by Oxford University in the United Kingdom will recruit patients to test whether the new coronavirus antibody cocktail therapy developed by American regenerant pharmaceutical company is effective.

On the evening of October 3, Beijing time, according to CNN, Trumps doctor Sean Conley said trump was in good condition. My team and I are very happy with the presidents recovery process. Another source told CNN that the next 48 hours are a critical period for treatment.

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