Lianyungang young woman as anchor is cheated by male fans

 Lianyungang young woman as anchor is cheated by male fans

When he was in contact with Gong, Wang also knew Ren who was born in 1995. After he became a good friend with Ren, Wang claimed that he was working in an organization. He successfully captured Rens heart and successfully cheated Ren of 40000 yuan.

A transfer record of RMB 40000 transferred from Ren to Wang

While communicating with Gong and Ren, Wang met Chen, a divorced woman after 70, and lived in Chens family. After their relationship became more stable, Wang borrowed more than 100000 yuan from Chen under the pretext of investing in futures and stocks. After getting the money, he never returned to Chens.

And from Gong Mou and Ren somewhere fraud, Wang Mou also cut off contact with the two people. Aware that the cheated Gong contacted Ren through the live broadcast platform. After meeting, they found that the cheated experience was completely similar, so they made an appointment to look for Wang in the residential area that Wang once said. As a result, they met Chen in the community. After meeting the three cheated women, Wangs true face was completely revealed. Subsequently, the three went to the public security organ to report the case.

Chen knew the address of Wangs hometown, and three women went to Wangs hometown in turn to find Wang through his family. Under pressure, Wang finally confessed to the public security organs all the facts of his crime.

Wang was arrested according to law for suspected fraud and other charges, and the case is being further handled.