People who answer your wechat like this must love you very much

 People who answer your wechat like this must love you very much

Every sincerity, can be reflected in the chat record, because love a person, can never hide.

Take a look at the chat records. The people who answer your wechat like this really love you.

Everything has an account, everything has a reply

A listener told me on wechat that she and her boyfriend of four years had broken up because they seemed to be saving the earth 24 hours a day.

If you dont take the initiative to send a message, even if you dont, the girls message will always sink into the sea. If he doesnt see it, he will choose not to reply.

I made an appointment to see a movie together. I didnt see anyone at the beginning of the meeting. The news didnt return and the phone didnt answer. The girl had to go first. Until the movie was almost over, the other side sent a message:

Theres something temporary in the company. Its not over today.

The girl said, I used to give him all kinds of excuses. Even if his cold violence was too obvious to be obvious, I still comforted myself that he was busy.

But yesterday, the girl in the next station held her cell phone to show me the funny video her boyfriend sent her. I suddenly felt that I was falling in love with a stranger. What I thought was affectionate, but in fact, it was self indulgent.

Its better to admit frankly that he just doesnt like himself so much.

Love is company and peace of mind. Dont ask for a second, at least, it should be taken seriously.

In intimate relationships, the sense of security that adults want is very simple: everything is explained and everything is answered.

If you have something to notify in advance, you can reply immediately when you see the message. The details are most popular. People who really love you wont make you nervous.

With ambiguous words to perfunctory, busy as an excuse to send people, such an attitude most hurtful.

True and false, you score well.

When did you find yourself in love with each other?

There was a Gao Zans answer: I saw a strange tree on the road, and I wanted to take a picture and send it to her for the first time.

A lot of words that he wants to give his soul is a lot of nonsense.

I saw a man who looked like you. the leader invited us to have a good drink of milk tea, and brought it to you after work. I saw a beautiful cat on Weibo, and I really want to raise a...

Every sentence is nonsense, but every sentence is affectionate, quietly say to you: I miss you, what are you doing?

To love the right person is nothing more than to share everything in life with you, and everything you share out is also accepted by someone.

Nietzsche once said:

Marriage is like a long-term dialogue. When you want to move into marriage, you must first ask yourself this question: can you still have a good time with this woman? The rest of the marriage is short-lived, and most of the time together is spent in conversation

People who really love you will have something to say to you, because its fun to say anything.

The loss of the desire to share is the beginning of the end.

From the beginning, you have to wipe your hands to return information, and then you turn a blind eye to the full screen. Its not so complicated. Its just that you dont love.

When he likes you, there are always endless topics to talk about; when he doesnt like you, he is tired of talking for only three seconds.

One persons efforts cant maintain two peoples feelings.

If you want to talk to you, you can make an expression and the other party can take a topic with you; if you dont want to talk to you, all topics can be finished in no more than three words.

You have a long speech and he has only a few words. One day, you will have nothing to say.

But if a person really cares about you and really cares about you, how can he ignore you or even ignore you?

People who really love you will be attentive to your every news.

In the screenshot, there are her favorite food, skin care products, mouth red number and so on. Besides, he is a straight man of steel, and he also has many expression bags that girls like.

Some people teased him about his wifes strictness. He said: she is taking care of her children at home full-time now. Its too boring. I can always talk to her by remembering these things.

When you meet someone who is chatting with you like this, you must cherish it.

The person who pretends to sleep cant wake up and his love for you cant be hidden.

If you want to know whether a person is sincere or perfunctory to you, it will be clear if you read the chat records.

Love is a word and deed, but also a return, mutual treasure, mutual understanding, only in this way can long-term.

As for those who dont return your news or put you at ease, let go.

I hope you meet such a person. When you want to talk about life, he will accompany you. When you are sad, he will comfort you. After all, the feeling of you are busy, I wait for you is tired and short-lived.

Some feelings, waiting for it to disappear. Only when you know how to cherish, can you have it.

I hope we can all meet the person who answers his wechat seriously.


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