Access to air tickets, hotels, taxi services, 12306 want to become an OTA giant?

 Access to air tickets, hotels, taxi services, 12306 want to become an OTA giant?

Today, 12306 sells an average of 3 billion tickets a year, with 149.5 billion hits on the website on peak days, with an average of 1.7 million hits per second. With such a high traffic volume, the railway also wants to make use of it to create more value. The first choice is naturally the products in the field of travel.

The latest move of 12306 is the air rail intermodal product launched in cooperation with China Eastern Airlines at the end of August. This is the first time that Chinas civil aviation and high-speed rail sales platforms have realized interconnection at the system level, and it is also the result of 12306s further opening and commercialization.

Railway 12306app has opened a significant entrance for the air rail intermodal service on the home page. After clicking on it, you can not only purchase air ticket + train ticket with one click, but also purchase air ticket separately, but only for flights of China Eastern Airlines.

Earlier, railway 12306app has been connected to hotels, car hailing, bus tickets and other services with high travel relevance.

Hotel recommendation appears on the home page of 12306app, which can be seen directly by sliding down. 12306 associate the hotel recommendation with the destination. After passengers search or book tickets, the hotel in the city where the destination is located will appear at the bottom of the home page. For example, when the reporter reserved the train ticket from Beijing to Tianjin, the hotel in Tianjin area appeared at the bottom of the home page. According to the reporters observation, most of the home page recommended are budget hotels, but not near the railway station. You can check more hotels after entering the details page.

12306 also has access to the taxi function, but at present the only one that can take a taxi directly is FAW. If you want to use Didi, you will jump to the taxi page of the webpage version, unable to view the map. In addition, 12306 can now book bus tickets for about 20 provinces.

12306 hopes to link Hotel, car, taxi, air ticket and other services in the field of travel through railway. If done well, 12306 may become a new OTA giant.

In terms of product interaction, 12306app is easy to get into the next page by mistake when sliding, and the overall user experience is far from that of excellent Internet products. This is why many users prefer to purchase tickets with third-party apps such as Ctrip and Zhixing train tickets.

Due to the existence of a large number of third-party ticketing channels, the super high number of hits of 12306 system does not mean that 12306 app has an ultra-high number of users. The railway department has never disclosed this data. However, the approximate proportion can be seen from the number of downloads in the app store.

In the Xiaomi app store, the number of railway 12306app downloads was 175 million, the number of smart train tickets downloaded was 151 million, the number of high-speed railway stewards was 80.69 million, the number of tieyou train tickets was 50.13 million, the number of Feizhu was 200 million, and the number of Ctrip was 874 million. It can be seen that even with the existence of third-party ticketing channels, 12306 downloads are still huge.

At present, 12306 still has a long way to go from a successful OTA platform. However, relying on the monopoly railway industry, as the only official app, there is still room for imagination.