Excellent running data of iPad air 4: A14 bionic scores improved significantly

 Excellent running data of iPad air 4: A14 bionic scores improved significantly

Iceuniverse, a twitter user, shared the results of using geekbench to test a14bionic chips on ipadir4, which runs IOS 14.0.1. The result is that the tablet has 1583 single core scores and 4198 multi-core scores. The a12bionic chip, which is equipped with iPad air3, has a single core score of 1112 and a multi-core score of 2832.

This means that the performance of A14 chip is 42% higher than that of A12 chip, and the performance of multi-core is improved by 48%. It can be said that iPad air4 is a major upgrade and improvement of iPad air3. Compared with the a13bionic chip of iPhone 11, the single core score (1327) of A14 chip increased by 20%, and the multi-core score (3286) increased by 28%.

These numbers give us a better understanding of the performance of the iphone12, which does not seem to improve much compared with previous generations, but the iphone11 has become the strongest smartphone in the market. It is worth mentioning that Apples iPhone 12 may have slightly different features from the A14 chip configured by ipadair4.

Compared with the a12z chip configured in the 2020 version of iPad pro, the single core performance of a14bionic chip is better, and the a12z score is 1119. The airz chip has a higher score of 4 cores because the ipalz has only 4 cores. In other words, in terms of single core speed, A14 chip is 41% faster than a12z chip, while multi-core speed is nearly 10% slower. In the future, a14x or a14z chips will definitely have better performance than a12zbionic chips.

In addition, fudge, an apple whistleblower, shared some details of Apples strategy to promote Apple arcade on twitter. According to fudge, apple is working with developers to get more games and compete with console level games. The whistleblower also said that Apple has been developing more powerful new Apple TV products with a12z and a14x chips, as well as a new game controller.

Earlier this year, some media reported that Apple was developing a new Apple TV with A14 chip and at least 6GB internal. However, Apples new Apple TV may not be available until 2021, according to the news agency. (Tianmen Mountain)

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