Hua Yi Qian Jin Wang Wen and her boyfriend travel for the first time

 Hua Yi Qian Jin Wang Wen and her boyfriend travel for the first time

As early as August 25, the last hour of the Chinese Valentines day, Wang Wen also put out a bunch of flowers and chatting records on the Internet. He also showed a loving expression to open his love affair, which won the blessing of many netizens.

In the chat record, Wang Wenyes boyfriend said that he wanted to make up every years Chinese Valentines Day bouquet before. He was very attentive and envied a lot of netizens with the flowers spread all over the place.

Apart from the bouquet, two people were having dinner in Shanghai. Wang Wen also shared the delicacy of the restaurant and the Oriental Pearls night view.

Later, Wang Wen was also picked out of his boyfriends circle of friends, with a sweet full score: like your lovely, like your kindness, like your true love. May the world treat you gently, may everything you meet be sweet, and may we always laugh like this. A large number of intimate photos of the two were also exposed, and the man is suspected to be a rich second generation.

It is suspected that the default love, but did not reveal the identity of the boyfriend. Some people familiar with the matter revealed that Wang Wens boyfriends family was also very rich, and the two men were in a right family, which matched each other very well.

Wang Wenye, 22, is the eldest daughter of Wang Zhongjun, executive director of Huayi Brothers. His subordinates include Feng Shaofeng, Yao Chen, Sha Yi, angelababy, Jing Boran, Zhang Hanyu, Qiao Zhenyu, Liao Fan, Chen Chusheng, he Jie, an Yixuan, Du Chun, Jia Nailiang, Li Xiaolu, Li Chen, Chen he, Zheng Kai, Wei Chen and other popular actors and singers in China, occupying half of the stars in the entertainment industry u3002

Its not too much to say that Wang Wen was held by the stars since he was young. The star in the stars heart can easily meet the requirements of which star can be contacted. Such as a fake white Fumei!

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