Men have to eat 23 dinners in 8 days, and the salary of one month is not enough

 Men have to eat 23 dinners in 8 days, and the salary of one month is not enough

There were eight on October 1 alone

Before the Golden Week holiday every year, Mr. Lei of Bijie will always count the wine to eat in the near future. One is to prevent himself from forgetting and the other is to arrange the monthly expenditure in advance. And this years wine is a headache for him, too much! According to incomplete statistics, for more than ten days before and after the holiday, 4800 yuan will be sent out for 23 liquor sets.

Mr. Leis daughter said that on October 1 alone, there were eight liquor sets, one for nieces and the other for nephews and sons. And this table is not complete, and there are missing banquet.

My daughter said that although there are many banquets on National Day every year, this year is the most. Most of them were due to the failure to hold a banquet in the first half of the year, but they were pushed to the second half of the year. As a result, they bumped into each other.

Its one thing to give money. There are six people in the family, and its not enough to share all the wine. Whats more, on October 1 alone, there were eight liquor sets, and two of them were close relatives. One is the nieces marriage, the other is the nieces sons marriage, both sides should be present.

Fortunately, according to local customs, there are not many gifts. The average neighborhood is only 100 yuan, but all of them add up to a lot. 4800 yuan is just a gift. Plus other expenses, the salary of that month is not enough.

Mr. Lei said: this is only incomplete statistics, because the familys children are older, everyone has their own wine during the long holiday, all of which are not counted.

Anyway, no one in my family has ever eaten at home during the long vacation every year. The dishes bought on September 30 will not be sealed until October 10.

Are you afraid? The gift of 7000 yuan did not fall on the post of national day overtime, but on the human relationship that had to be paid. The salary of one month was arranged clearly.

There are also a group of people who are actually the most miserable. They work overtime during the National Day holiday, but do they think that they dont have to pay for their overtime work. Should they do so at will.

Many make complaints about it:

After one meal, catch up with the next,

My vacation has been arranged for dinner,

The wages are clearly arranged

Birthday Bureau, blind date Bureau, wedding banquet,

Family dinner, classmate party

I feel like Ive been peeped into my life

Its so real

@Milk strawberry Anna sauce: this time highlights the benefits of no friends

@Liu Huan Liu Yue: who calls you so many classmates? If we dont have a few friends, you dont have to worry about these

@Worry water spinach: too real! There are many weddings to attend during the National Day! The salary for September is for them

@Feng Yu faith: this holiday, I really feel unfriendly to single Wang. On the 1st, attend the wedding of national day and Mid Autumn Festival; on the 2nd, the wedding of primary school students who grew up; on the 3rd, the wedding of good friends from high school; on the 4th, the wedding of young students; on the 5th, the wedding of college students. I Who am I? Where am I

@Sq0615: there are also many mid autumn festival banquets for children

@Beef balls with blueberry sauce: there are also birthday parties. I have three friends who play well for their birthday

There are also netizens summed up the adult vacation

A kind of

Forced to be an activist in a working group

Guangming Daily commented that it is undeniable that the troubles of Mr. Lei and Xiao Zhang are quite universal. Affected by the epidemic situation, many couples preparing to get married in the first half of the year also choose to postpone the ceremony to the double festival node of the national day of the Mid Autumn Festival. Therefore, it has become a true portrayal of many people in the golden week of this holiday that they have to spend hundreds or more of their money between wedding parties.

A survey showed that among 2006 respondents, 47.5% of the respondents regarded following the members as a way to maintain interpersonal relationship, and 84.8% of the respondents admitted that money made them under pressure.

Money, originally intended to express blessing, has become a burden. On the one hand, it is because of the large number of hospitality that you come and go to. It can be the reason for the exchange of gifts and money. On the other hand, it is also because of some peoples psychology of keeping up with each other. They think that only when courtesy is heavy can affection be heavy, and how much money is used as the only way to measure affection.

Data map, text independent (source: photo web)

As a matter of fact, there is not much to be criticized about the issue of taking part in money. It has the necessity of its reasonable existence. To give ones heart to ones family and friends happy event can not only be stained with happiness and symbolized by good luck, but also make the friendship stronger in the process of pushing cups and changing cups, which is in line with peoples culture of paying attention to etiquette.

But how to put these good moral from the trap of haggling, it is more test of our wisdom.

We all hope that the less economic value the members carry, the better, and the more emotional elements attached to them, a slogan or two may not change the atmosphere for a while, but if the individual makes some changes within his or her ability, it seems not so difficult.

If you cant do what you cant do, turn to yourself. to avoid making members money a burden, the key is to see your own choice. The gift money given to others should be within the scope of ones own financial endurance. There is no need to follow the current and act according to ones ability. In addition, if you dont want to follow the flow of money, please continue to maintain it. I believe that many people have the ability to operate unbreakably without adding money.

Attending other peoples weddings or banquets is a kind of daily relaxation during the holiday. Dont let the money become your sweet burden. Its most important to enjoy the holiday happily.