She is second in ancient style, no one dares to be the first

 She is second in ancient style, no one dares to be the first

u2014u2014Chinese make-up is more powerful than you think

When European and American big honey make-up, Japan and South Korea soft sister make-up have been popular, and finally it is the subtle Chinese makeup that dominates the world.

Even daily necessities, which lead the Asian beauty trend, have begun to study Chinese makeup.

With a long history, Chinese make-up has evolved for thousands of years, but the aesthetic law is still inseparable from implicitness and delicacy. Fine eyes, cherry lips, shoulder shaving, willow waist and fair face are the standard matching of Chinese classical beauties.

Like and be good at using red in make-up, whether it is painted in the eyebrows or red lips.

Mary Daijia national style re carved Lip Glaze

Mary Daijia, who makes the Chinese style the ultimate, introduces a series of lip glazes with Chinese classical reproduction color as the main color.

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M.A.C, who loves cross-border culture, launched a limited series of Dunhuang culture this year. The packaging is full of Dunhuang exotic style, as if from murals.

The overall color of the nine color eye shadow plate is very soft, red is the main, collocation light yellow and pearl color, suitable for fix sunset eye makeup, and the coloring is natural.

The quality of high gloss powder is very fine, and it is easy to dye evenly. The pearlescent particles are relatively small and the luster is very natural.

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Magnolia series

The four colors of the eye shadow echo the frontier, the battlefield, the sunset and the flag of war, and create Chinas eye makeup.

The blush can be seen when the blush is opened, and the red powder is gradually changing. It is easy to dye the color evenly. It is very convenient for the skin to emit a small brush.

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Shiseido Hua Mulan Limited

Recently, the colourful Gloss Lipstick with strong wind has been smoothed up with soft, soft waxy texture, and its moisture is very high. High saturation and bright makeup effect, lasting color.

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Maogeping cosmetics

Change head master Mao Gepings color make-up products, never allow themselves to be not exquisite enough! As a representative of the national style, the biggest feature of Mao Gepings make-up is classical luxury.

This set of jade carving gold is mostly made of honey powder and the Imperial Palace lipstick. With them, they feel as if they are the empress of the imperial concubine. The auspicious clouds and the golden rays of high gloss powder on the lipstick are the golden colors of exquisite gloss.

High gloss powder is very fine, but the luster is really too! Flash! Yes!

You need to be light when you make up everyday, but when you use it on some special occasions, such as parties or stage, you should be worthy of Queen.

The two color codes u0dcf 600 and u8a1e 608 u0dcf are both rich matte red, with u0dcfu0dcfu0dcfu0dcfu0dcfu0dcfu0dcfu8a1eu8a1eu8a1eu8a1eu8a1eu8a1eu8a1eu89c4u8a1e. The color covering power is super strong, one wipe can make the air field two meters eight.

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To meet the needs of Chinese make-up, the color plates are light brown red, and the coloring effect is not as strong as expected, but there is a kind of implicit and aesthetic national style.

Xiurong powder engraved with Begonia flowers, exquisite classic. Fusion of highlights and shadows as a whole, low saturation, very suitable for Asian skin color and makeup hobbies.

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Huaxizi West Lake limited series

In the past two years, huaxizi, whose soul is Chinese style, has launched a series of color makeup for scenic spots in China. For example, the Hangzhou West Lake limited series.

The color name is also full of Hangzhou flavor, M602 Western embroidery is bright red water, lipstick texture moist and smooth.

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Suitable herbal Tang skin care products

Xiangyi materia medica Tang (which is also sold exclusively in Sephora), a high-end brand jointly launched by Xiangyi materia medica and Sephora, reproduces the skin nourishing secret recipe of princesses and concubines of Tang Dynasty with modern science and technology, restoring the mysterious power of national style herbal skin care.

First of all, the most interesting thing to say is that the essence of Gleditsia sinensis extracted from Princess Yonghes facial cleanser of Tang Dynasty is added with Gardenia jasminoides, white Poria cocos, mung bean and other soothing and calming herbal extracts, and then combined with modern amino acid cleansing formula to produce such fairy elixirs.

This bottle of peach blossom crystal full of petals is inspired by the peach blossom square of Princess Taiping. In March of the lunar calendar, the peach blossoms, picked up by hand, are carefully picked up and picked up, and then added the herb essence such as peony, licorice and pearl. They can not only moisturize the skin, but also repel the dull yellow air and brighten the complexion.

It also looks like the luxurious golden essence, which uses the flower fragrance and Leonurus in the Tang Dynastys palace nourishing Fang, and integrates the gold foil made by the ancient law to help the skin tenacious, firm and healthy.

As everyone knows, Wu Zetian loves motherwort, so the next jar mask will be loved if the Emperor sees it.

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Run Baiyan Palace Museum co branded series

Its time to test history!

Can you see which of the two facial mask packages is from the classical paintings?

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Although it is a classic product with a long history, how can the national style theme go without the Taiji series of baicaoji?

Taiji mud based on the principle of clearing first and then toning and black and white mud cooperate with each other to help the skin vomit the old and absorb the new. First apply black mud for 5 minutes. It is rich in red peony ingredients, which can promote skin metabolism. After wiping off the black mud, immediately use the white mud, apply for 8 minutes, so that the white peony and a variety of herbal ingredients play a tonic effect.

Similarly, sun and moon combined with Yin and Yang, one hour a night, and time conservation.

Night cream extracts from various kinds of precious herbs such as tuberous jade, water lily, Centella asiatica, ginseng and ginkgo.

Colored eggs

In addition to the above-mentioned 10 national style bigwigs, Yi Jie also found two solemn Guofeng colored eggs in the evaluation process. Their appearance was a surprise~~~

01 CHCEDO: Red Star Limited lipstick & Mens skincare joint name Na Zha

The classic version of CHCEDO, the colorful lipstick and high color lipstick, has launched a Red Star Limited Edition full of national wind.

The lipstick is directly carved into a red star shape, with pearlescent particles, shining and dignified.

Lipstick is very smooth and easy to apply. Because lipstick shape is a star, so it can also be used to make a seal, directly print a small star on the face, it is simply the playful ancient Princess herself!

Not only do you care about girls hobbies, nature hall is also good for boys~

The man of nature hall and the Devil boy of Nezha came into the world to launch a joint brand. This famous Nezha in Chinese mythology, who is also both good and evil, is printed on the packaging.

The combination of dragon blood cleanser and Nezhas broken dimensional wall probably makes men shout my life is up to me not from the sky to themselves in the mirror every morning when they wash their faces in the morning. This is more than full of vitality!

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02 daowenchuang Huashen series

This brand full of Taoist elements can be said to be the surprise of Yi Jies picked up ~ the packaging design of Huashen series is very quiet and elegant.

Jade green glass bottle body, texture is very good.

This series of flower gods includes moisturizing and repairing water, nourishing essence, nourishing cream, compact anti wrinkle cream and healing cream. The whole set of products have a very pure Chinese herbal flavor, the ingredients are more reassuring.

The main formula contains herbal extract, ginseng, asparagus, Schisandra chinensis, Lycium barbarum, wild chrysanthemum, Prunella vulgaris and other herbal extracts. It has good anti inflammation and anti oxidant effects on the skin.

Moisturizing repair water and essence nutrient liquid texture is light and easy to absorb, can quickly add moisture and nutrition to the skin.

Surprise index: u221a u221a u221a this new trend of beauty and makeup in cool autumn is a new national style with strong ink and heavy colors. This time, follow suit! What are the most worthwhile bags to invest in this year? After reading this article, we know that Hu Sheguang: national sentiment is the thing in the bone. Who won the Star Contest of the double Festival Party of Lijin re Bajiang? Source: Netease fashion editor: Liu Qianyi_ NB12476

This fresh autumn in the beauty of the new trend, it is a new national style. This time, follow suit!